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Phil Johnson's bookmarks
Apologetics and Anti-Cult Helps

button Alpha and Omega Ministries
My friend James White wrote most of the works you'll find here. He has written a ton of superb material on the Trinity, Roman Catholicism, the cults, and much more. If you don't read his blog, you should. It's always interesting, informative, and timely.

button Answers in Genesis
The organization founded by Ken Ham. Here you'll find a wealth of helpful resources on creationism.

button Apologetics Index
Anton Hein's well-maintained collection of apologetics and counter-cult resources.

button Biblical Discernment Ministries
A triple misnomer. You'll find nothing biblical here and precious little that has anything to do with true discernment. As for "ministry," Rick Miesel is a classic theological Ishmael—a wild man whose hand is against every man (cf. Genesis 16:12). His only "ministry" is declaring well-known Bible teachers heretics. And to paraphrase something a famous book critic once said, The material at this site is both good and original. Unfortunately, the stuff that is good is not original, and the stuff that is original is not good. Miesel simply collates everything he can find that is critical of well-known Christian leaders and compiles "exposès." Some of this material is legitimate, but some is incredibly picayune. Much of it is nothing more than the spreading of gossip—and a lot is grossly inaccurate. I've kept this site linked only because I'm asked about Mr. Meisel frequently. My reply: He is not a trustworthy man.

button Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry
Interesting articles—mostly written by Matt Slick—on the cults and various theological issues. Much of what you will find here is excellent, and the website itself is an impressive achievement, representing several years of constant maintenance and improvement.
    MILD CAVEAT: Matt Slick once took a position that troubled me on the question of whether it's possible for a universalist to be a true believer or not. He seems to have tweaked his position over the years, so his current article on the subject includes this: "I would say that a universalist who openly and knowingly affirms universal salvation after having been clearly taught the truth in scripture, and yet continues to hold to a 'second chance' doctrine (as some do), and/or punishment in the afterlife for a duration of time and then salvation occurs, is not a Christian." It sems to me that concession, if taken at face value, basically negates the aricle's opening assertion, viz, "It is possible for a Christian to be a universalist." Occassional muddiness on key questions like that mars some of Matt Slick's articles (his "Doctrine Grid," for example, is a great idea, but not very well executed.) Nevertheless, with that one reservation, I recommend this site as a helpful resource.

button A Christian ThinkTank
Glenn M. Miller's ever-growing web site (formerly called "Unravelling Wittgenstein's Net"). Glenn was a pioneer on the Christian Web. In our assessment, Glenn's approach to apologetics is flawed from the get-go because of his notion that some common philosophical ground exists between non-Christian worldviews and Christianity. (I.e., he rejects presuppositionalism.) As a result, he is too enamored with philosophy and not interested enough in theology, but you'll still find some things here worth pursuing.

button Christian Research Institute
Hank Hanegraaff still calls himself "the Bible Answer Man," but in all candor, I've lost confidence in the leadership of this once-fine organization. Some of the archival articles at the website are fine, but no one should assume CRI's expertise or reliability on every matter they deal with. Since 1993, CRI has regularly downplayed the seriousness of Roman Catholicism's rejection of justification by faith alone. More recently, Mr. Hanegraaff has been aggressively and systematically misrepresenting Calvinism. (In fact, if he misunderstands what Calvinists believe as badly as some of his comments suggest, he is simply not qualified to do the type of ministry he does.) Not long ago Hanegraaff flip-flopped on his eschatalogical views and (like a lot of new converts to preterism) immediately began to speak and write against his own former beliefs with overbearing assertiveness and great zeal as if he were now a seasoned expert rather than a novice with a brand-new point of view. Hanegraaff also filed a frivolous lawsuit against another Christian apologist

button Christian Research Institute Journal Articles
Newsletters, journal Articles and other resources from past issues of CRI publications. The web site (which looks very old and has quite possibly been abandoned) won't win any awards for ease of use, but you'll nevertheless find some valuable anti-cult literature and some instructive doctrinal help here.

button The Christian Way
An evangelistic and apologetic ministry of former-Christian Scientists, founded by Carolyn Poole. Good information, presented in a helpful format.

button Christian Witness to Roman Catholicism
Rob Zins writes powerfully and compellingly and pulls no punches. His material answering the claims of the Roman Catholic Church is outstanding for its candor and clarity. The website is well designed and easy to use, too.

button Creation Moments
One of the older ministries making the case for young-earth creationism. Here you'll find transcripts of more than 1,500 radio programs plus hundreds of articles and Bible studies on biblical creation.

button Discernment Ministries International
Here's a site critical of charismatic excesses, written by Robert S. Liichow , once a student of Robert Tilton and familiar with several Word-Faith ministries through his own involvement with them. This site has morphed into a blog since I first linked to it, but the material is uniquely helpful.

button Institute for Religious Research
Resources on Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, and the Church Universal and Triumphant. See especially "Mormons in Transition" for an excellent collection of resources about the Latter-Day Saints. This is a smartly-designed Web site with some excellent helps for those seeking to understand and minister to cultists.

button Issues That Make Christians Squirm
Answers to skeptics' common objections against Christianity. Written in a warm and engaging style, some of these are quite good.

button Just for Catholics
Thoughtful and thorough biblical responses to the errors of Roman Catholicism.

button Newlight
A thoughtful critique of Roman Catholic Mariolatry from a former Catholic.

button Operation Clambake: The Secrets of Scientology
Information exposing the chicanery and false teaching behind the Scientology cult. This is not an evangelical response to Scientology, but it is an enlightening exposè nonetheless.

button Origins
This site features scholarly and popular resources concerning intelligent design and philosophical theism. I prefer the approach of presuppositional apologetics, but there are some well-written and useful pieces here.

button Personal Freedom Outreach
This ministry publishes a quarterly journal exposing cults and heresies. A generous sampling of their journal articles are on-line at the web site, including a number of informative and insightful critiques of Benny Hinn's various excesses. The website design is bland and hard to navigate, but if you have time to click through lots of links and layers of pages, you'll find several fascinating and well-written pieces. Here's hoping PFO will post more of their articles.

button Proclaiming the Gospel
Mike Gendron's ministry to Roman Catholics. You'll find some excellent articles and many other resources here, now with a slick new design and easy-to navigate interface.

button Stand to Reason
Greg Koukl's apologetics ministry. Great articles on doctrine, ethics, apologetics, and social issues—plus a well-written blog.

button The True.Origin Archive
Articles (mostly by Tim Wallace) exposing the myth of evolution.

button Utah Lighthouse Ministry
The ministry founded by Jerald and Sandra Tanner. One of the best sources of material exposing the errors and deceptions of Mormonism.

button Watch the Tower
The official Web Site of Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses. Paul Blizard's exposé of the JW cult, with some fascinating historical details, including a photo of "Judge" Rutherford at a beer party during the Prohibition era—and "Watchtower 101 (a primer)."

button WatchtowerInformationService.org
A wealth of news and resources about Jehovah's Witnesses and The Watchtower Society. The News section is updated daily. You'll also find helpful articles and links to other sites answering the JWs. Especially interesting is the "Scientific Research" section. Includes an extensive Bibliography.

button Watchman Fellowship
A fine ministry furnishing much helpful material related to discernment, cults, and other apologetic issues. Home of The Watchman Expositor.

button Wretched Radio
Todd "Freakishly Tall" Friel broadcasts daily from Atlanta. He's edgy, funny, and a brilliant analyst (and critic) of the various fads and fashions that vie for evangelicals' attention. His insights are always thought-provoking, informative, and edifying. Especially interesting are the frequent evangelistic encounters with people on the street. I try to listen via their convenient podcasts. It's my favorite talk show, bar none.

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