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Phil Johnson's bookmarks
Roman Catholic Resources
button Catechism of the Catholic Church
The latest and most systematic digest of the official Roman Catholic "deposit of faith."

button Catholic Answers
Catholic propaganda.

button Envoy Magazine
Patrick Madrid offers some slick competition to his former employer, Karl Keating, and This Rock magazine.

button The Holy See
The Pope's own home page.

button The Nazareth Resource Library
Catholic apologetic material.

button New Advent Catholic Supersite
A wealth of Catholic resources here—all "dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary."

button Our Lady of the Roses
Messages from the apparition of Mary at Bayside, NY. The Bayside movement has been condemned by the Bishop of the Brooklyn Diocese. No wonder. According to followers of the Bayside prophecies, Our Lady is none too pleased with the way modern Roman Catholicism is headed. She is particularly vexed about Vatican II's innovations, and she feels none is more sinister than the practice of receiving the communion wafer in the hand, rather than directly on the tongue. There's a page that cites Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who worked amid some of the world's worst poverty, disease, filth, and human agony—yet supposedly Mother whispered this "secret" to a group of close followers: In her estimation the worst plague on modern society is the practice of receiving communion in the hand.

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