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Phil Johnson's bookmarks
Christian Periodicals
button The Banner of Truth
This has consistently been the best single periodical featuring Reformed theology since its founding in 1957.

button Christian History
The best church history magazine available.

button Communiqué: A Quarterly Journal
A well-designed Christian journal featuring Christian writers and artists "whose work deals with issues pertinent to the intersections of their art, faith, culture and community."

button Contra Mundum
Reformed intellectual musings. Often quite good.

button Credenda Agenda
A must-read.

button First Things
Fr. Richard John Neuhaus's journal. You'll find some insightful articles here criticizing relativistic trends in modern thought. But Neuhaus's ecumenical slant is also evident. We agree that defending moral absolutes is crucial—but we deny that it takes precedence over doctrinal purity (see Gal. 1).

button The Founders Journal
A splendid journal from the Calvinist wing of the Southern Baptist Convention.

button Grace Magazine
A magazine for Baptist churches holding to the doctrines of grace. Articles on a wide range of doctrinal, devotional and historical subjects, as well as local church issues. Balanced, thoughtful, biblical.

button Leben: A Journal of Reformed Life
History and biography focusing on the Reformers. A few back issues are downloadable as .pdf files.

button The Master's Seminary Journal
I'm privileged to be associated in a small way with this journal. As academic journals go, it is the best mix of new and old, practical and scholarly, biblical and theological material you're likely to find anywhere.

button The Milieu Online
The online newsletter for families of the Reformed Faith. Creatively designed, with some great material.

button Preaching Magazine
I'm afraid I couldn't recommend most of the articles featured in this magazine. There's far too much that is deliberately pragmatic, urging preachers to appeal to popular tastes. But every now and then, you'll find something of value in the mix.

button Reformation Today Online
One of my favorite periodicals. This Reformed Baptist publication from England is edited by Erroll Hulse.

button World on the Web
My favorite weekly news magazine.

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