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Phil Johnson's bookmarks

Disclaimer: There's no way we can critique every sermon you'll find linked to the sites below. In general, we don't link sites in this category that are nests of heresy. But we do sometimes find objectionable sermons at otherwise helpful sites. So we urge you to exercise biblical discernment in following these or any other links.

button The GraceLife Pulpit
This Web site is maintained by Will Moneymaker and friends. It's a collection of free audio sermons for download—by Don Green, yours truly, and perhaps a few others. Don and I jointly pastor the GraceLife fellowship at Grace Community Church.

button Believers Chapel
Selected articles and other resources from Believers Chapel in Dallas—perhaps best known for the excellent teaching of the late Dr. S. Lewis Johnson. Downloadable here are sound files featuring a rich array of sermons from Johnson, current pastor Dan Duncan, and a few guest speakers. Johnson's classic messages, together with transripts and other material, are also being made available at a new sister site, The SLJ Institute. So set your browser there, too. These are some of the finest, meatiest sermons ever preached, and they are all downloadable for free. Load your iPod.

button The W. A. Criswell Sermon Library
Bookmark this site and load up your iPod. Criswell was a true Edwardian and a child of the American Frontier West (born in my home state just two years after statehood)—and his preaching reflected his roots. A towering figure in Southern Baptist history, Criswell pastored First Baptist Church, Dallas, from 1944 until 1995.

button European Institute of Protestant Studies
Iain Paisley (and others) from Martyrs Memorial Free Presbyterian Church in Belfast. (Paisley tends to be hyper-contentious, even pugnacious. American fundamentalist Rod Bell, who is also featured here, is even more so. So consider yourself forewarned.) But when Paisley id preaching the gospel or doing true biblical exposition, his preaching is often powerful. I enjoy listening to him.

button Preach the Word
Sermons and other resources from the historic Iron Hall Assembly in Belfast—long known for solid Bible teaching and warm gospel preaching. (I once preached there, too.) They have an attractive Web site, featuring the preaching of pastor-teacher David Legge.

button Scottish Preachers
A tremendous collection of sermons from some of history's greatest preachers.

button sermonaudio.com
A large collection of downloadable audio sermons from a wide variety of the better fundamentalist preachers. The artwork and design are superb.

button Sermons by Dr. Robert S. Rayburn
A generous collection of expository sermons from Faith Presbyterian Church in Tacoma, Washington.

button SermonIndex.net
An odd collection of sermons. The featured speakers include some very fine old favorites (A. W. Tozer, Warren Wiersbe, Rolfe Barnard, Vance Havner); plus some famous but theologically aberrant mystics, deeper-life teachers, and revivalists (Leonard Ravenhill, Roy Hession, Major Ian Thomas); and then an eclectic mix of cranks and false prophets (David Wilkerson, Mother Basilea Schlink, Erlo Stegen). Some good stuff here, but the mixture is poisonous. Listen with very careful discernment.

button Sermons from Ulster
This excellent collection is maintained by Grove Baptist Church, Belfast.

button The Spurgeon Archive
My own hobby and joy is maintaining this site.

button The Ray Stedman Library at Peninsula Bible Church
Classic sermons from one of the finest Bible-teaching pastors of my parents' generation.

button Spurgeon Audio Sermons
Spurgeon sermons read, not preached, and not by Spurgeon himself (as far as I ca determine, no recordings of Spurgeon's actual voice survive). But there are a lot of sermons here, and it's a great way to devour Spurgeon if you're not an avid reader.

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