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Phil Johnson's bookmarks
Really, Really Bad Theology
button Angelic Revelations of Divine Truth
"The Gospel revealed anew by Jesus"? I don't think so. This little enterprise is called "The Truths Project." Hard to think of a less fitting name.

button The Church of Christ, Scientist
Christian Science was the most successful of several metaphysical cults that sprung up in the 19th Century in and around Boston. Mary Baker Eddy was the founder of this neo-gnostic cult, still thriving after more than a century. This is the Web site hosted by the group's mother church.

button Friends of OSHO
Osho's friends claim he was "never born, never died; only visited this earth between Dec. 11, 1931—Jan. 19, 1990." Osho's name used to be The Bagwan Shree Rajneesh. If you were alive in the 1980s, you may remember the havoc he and his followers wreaked when they took over an Oregon town and renamed it "Rajneeshpuram."
 By the way, the Rajneeshees' "celebration" style is literally indistinguishable from the antics post-Toronto charismatics label "worship."

button Glide Memorial United Methodist Church
. . . Offering a home to every aberrant view that wants to identify with Christianity. A den of apostasy.

button Godhatesfags.com
Here's a Topeka, Kansas, "Baptist" church that has managed to mangle the gospel so completely that hate, rather than love, is at the heart of the message they proclaim. They picket funerals of AIDS victims, carrying signs saying "No Tears for Queers." This "church" is actually a small cult comprised mostly of "Pastor" Fred Phelps's own offspring and their children. An eye-opening expose of the Phelps clan ("Addicted to Hate," by investigative reporter Jon Michael Bell) is on line, Exhibit A in some court documents in a lawsuit involving a Topeka newspaper.
    As a Calvinistic Baptist, I'm embarrassed by the Web presence of this "church." What you'll find here is a radically different gospel from the good news proclaimed in Scripture, so this is an apt candidate for the "really, really bad" category.

button The Gnosis Archive
Gnosticism is alive and flourishing on the WWW.

button Gnosis Magazine
More of the modern gnostic heresy.

button Gnostic Friends Network
Despite the friendly-sounding page title, the domain name ("enemies.com") is much more fitting. Here you'll find some of the most virulent enemies of the gospel anywhere on the Web—and plenty of proof of how Satanic gnosticism really is.

button The Human Jesus and Christian Deism
Ironically, the original edition of this page had an annoying background midi version of "Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus." The site itself is devoted to turning you away from the biblical Jesus, substituting instead a creature invented by one John Lindell, who maintains this site. "Christian Deism" is, after all, a contradiction in terms. What you'll find here is nothing more than skeptical rationalism cloaked in pious terminology, denying both the deity of Christ and the authority of Scripture while masquerading as Christianity. What Mr. Lindell does not explain—cannot explain—is why he thinks his own musings are any more authoritative than the rantings of Ms. Murray-O'Hare, with whom Mr. Lindell shares more of a spiritual kinship than he realizes.

button The Inner Voice
"An Inspirational Magazine"—exemplifying all that is wrong with mysticism. According to this site, "Inside each of us, a voice stands ready to provide spiritual love and guidance. The question is how to find it, and then how to listen." Don't listen to anything you find here.

button The Jesus Seminar Forum
Robert Funk's "scholarly" skeptics' club. This is liberalism's famous dog and pony show that has gained so much media attention over the past decade or so. Here's graphic proof of theological liberalism's spiritual indigency. (Click Here to read John MacArthur's assessment of the "Jesus Seminar.")

button Share International
The followers of Maitreya (pronounced my-tray-ah) claim he is the Second coming of every "messiah" from Krishna to the Imam Mahdi. His bio page claims "he has been expected for generations by all of the major religions." Does that mean he's a reincarnation of David Koresh too?

button A New Christianity for a New World
Bishop Spong's spew.

button The New Church
Swedenborgianism. This movement is an echo of ancient gnosticism and a forerunner of the modern New Age Movement.

button Share International Magazine
Propaganda touting Maitreya (see above in this same category) as the Messianic hope of the world. Gag me with a turban.

button Universe of Yahweh
"Yaweh Ben Yahweh" claims he's the new Messiah. Cites his arrest record as proof.

button The Urantia Foundation
A post-modern gnostic cult.

button Whosoever
"An online magazine for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered Christians." So what's next? Resources for pedophile "Christians"? A "Christian" who justifies and even celebrates a sinful lifestyle is a contradiction in terms.

button World Union of Deists
Deism is rationalism distilled to a religion. Deists are often as overtly hostile to Christianity as rank atheists (this site offers abundant proof of that), but deism papers over the ugly side of unbelief with a smarmy religiosity. Deists set reason in the place of revelation, denying that God has revealed Himself to humanity and insisting that human reason is the ultimate test of all truth.

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