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  1. The Knowledge of God and That of Ourselves Are Connected. How They are Interrelated.
  2. What it is to Know God, and to What Purpose the Knowledge of Him Tends.
  3. The Knowledge of God Has Been Naturally Implanted in the Minds of Men.
  4. This Knowledge is Either Smothered of Corrupted, Partly by Ignorance, Partly by Malice.
  5. The Knowledge of God Shines Forth in the Fashioning of the Universe and the Continuing Government of It.
  6. Scripture is Needed as Guide and Teacher for Anyone Who Would Come to God the Creator.
  7. Scripture Must Be Confirmed by the Witness of the Spirit. Thus May Its Authority Be Established as Certain; and It is a Wicked Falsehood that Its Credibility Depends on the Judgment of the Church.
  8. So Far as Human Reason Goes, Sufficiently Firm Proofs Are At Hand to Establish the Credibility of Scripture.
  9. Fanatics, Abandoning Scripture and Flying Over to Revelation, Cast Down All the Principles of Godliness.
  10. Scripture, to Correct All Superstition, Has Set the True God Alone Over Against All the Gods of the Heathen.
  11. It is Unlawful to Attribute a Visible Form to God, and Generally Whoever Sets Up Idols Revolts Against the True God.
  12. How God Is to Be So Distinguished from Idols that Perfect Honor May Be Given to Him Alone.
  13. In Scripture, from the Creation Onward, We Are Taught One Essence of God, Which Contains Three Persons.
  14. Even in the Creation of the Universe and of All Things, Scripture by Unmistakable Marks Distinguishes the True God from False Gods.
  15. Discussion of Human Nature as Created, of the Faculties of the Soul, of the Image of God, of Free Will, and of the Original Integrity of Man's Nature.
  16. God by His Power Nourishes and Maintains the World Created by Him, and Rules Its Several Parts by His Providence.
  17. How We May Apply This Doctrine to Our Greatest Benefit.
  18. God So Uses the Works of the Ungodly, and So Bends Their Minds to Carry Out His Judgments, that He Remains Pure from Every Stain.

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