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An R. L. Dabney Anthology


Writings of
Robert Lewis Dabney

R. L. Dabney

Systematic Theology

Lecture 4 from Dabney's Systematic Theology:
Divine Attributes

Lecture 5 from Dabney's Systematic Theology:
Divine Attributes—Continued

Lecture 11 from Dabney's Systematic Theology:
Free Agency and the Will

Lecture 48 from Dabney's Systematic Theology:
Arminian Theory of Redemption

Lecture 49 from Dabney's Systematic Theology:
Arminian Theory of Redemption—Concluded

(Thanks to Mike Bremmer, who scanned some of the above articles. Visit his web site for a good collection of articles defending various aspects of Reformed soteriology.)

Other Works

God's Indiscriminate Proposals of Mercy
My all-time favorite Dabney piece, one I have wanted to post on this Web site for years. Dabney masterfully dismantles the high-Calvinist arguments against God's general love toward all humanity and gives a biblical and philosophical defense of the view that God's proffers of mercy to the reprobate are well meant. This article overhauled and revitalized my understanding of the doctrines of grace. Click here to see what the article looked like in its original printing in the July-December 1878 issue of the Princeton Review.

The Attractions of Popery

Dabney's warning against Presbyterian rapprochement with Roman Catholicism.

The Five Points of Calvinism

A cogent defense. Like all Dabney's works, it must be read attentively, but the rewards are great. This piece is filled with quotables, such as his response to the popular Arminian charge that the doctrine of eternal security promotes unholy living: "It promises to true believers a perseverance in holiness. Who, except an idiot, could infer from that promise the privilege to be unholy?"

Against Musical Instruments in Public Worship

Dabney's thoughts on the use of organs in worship. (Transcribed and slightly edited by Chris Coldwell—for The Blue Banner Web site, home of the Blue Banner Newsletter; The First Presbyterian Church of Rowlett, TX; and The Westminster Forum, moderated by Pastor Richard Bacon. This article is © 1996 by The Blue Banner.)

The Public Preaching of Women

"If any of our preaching women will work a genuine miracle, then, and not until then, will she be entitled to stand on the ground of Deborah or Anna."

Christ Our Penal Substitute

Lectures delivered at Davidson College and Columbia Seminary by Robert Lewis Dabney, while he was old in age, and totally blind. An important work, nonetheless.

Our Comfort In Dying: A Sermon

A heartwarming message.

From the Seventh Day to the First

A brief look at the history of the Sabbath Day vs. Lord's Day.

R.L. Dabney 1820-1898

An article by Michael Kimmitt, from The Banner of Truth magazine.

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