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The Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit
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1895 (Vol. 41)
2394a0In Memoriam — Joseph Passmore*
23941Love's Climax1Jo 4:10
239513Blessings of Public Worship, TheLu 18:10
239625Eternal Life!Joh 17:3; 1Jo 5:20, 21
239737Out of Darkness Into LightIsa 49:9
239849Meditation of Moses, TheEx 32:14
239961Thy First LoveJer 2:2
240073Escape for Thy Life!Ge 19:17
240185Child of Light and the Works of Darkness, TheEph 5:11
240297Under ArrestGa 3:23
2403109Sweet and the Sweetener, ThePs 104:34
2404121People Prepared for the Lord, ALu 1:17
2405133Joy, a DutyPhp 4:4
2406145Appeal to Children of Godly Parents, AnPr 6:20-23
2407157Feeding on a Whole ChristNu 9:11, 12
2408169Christ the Cure for Troubled HeartsLu 24:38
2409181Great Sermon by the Greatest Preacher, AMt 3:17
2410193Spring Time in Nature and GraceIsa 55:10-13
2411205Why Some Seekers Are Not SavedIsa 59:1, 2
2412217Special Benediction, AJude 2
2413229Despised Light WithdrawnJoh 12:36
2414241Prodigal's Climax, TheLu 15:17
2415253Believer's Heritage of Joy, ThePs 119:111
2416265Adorning the GospelTit 2:10
2417277First Forgiveness, Then HealingLu 5:20
2418289All of OneHeb 2:11-13
2419301Repentance After ConversionPs 51:17
2420313King Can Do No Wrong, The2Sa 3:36
2421325Hallelujah! Hallelujah!Ps 149:4-6
2422337There Is ForgivenessPs 130:4
2423349Model Soul-Winner, TheJoh 4:7
2424361New Song on Earth, ThePs 40:3
2425373Self-Destroyed, Yet SavedHo 13:9
2426385Prayer for Revival, APs 85:6
2427397Ark of His Covenant, TheRe 11:19
2428409Marriage Supper of the Lamb, TheRe 19:9
2429421Converts, and Their Confession of FaithIsa 44:5
2430433Christians, and Their Communion with GodIsa 26:8, 9
2431445Double Cleansing, TheZec 13:1, 2
2432457Kept From IniquityPs 18:23
2433469Heman's Sorrowful PsalmPs 88:13
2434481Man Under Authority, AMt 8:8, 9
2435493Everlasting Arms, TheDe 33:27
2436505How Good to Those Who Seek!La 3:25
2437517Prayer, the Proof of GodlinessPs 32:6
2438529Two Immutable ThingsEze 16:8
2439541Five Links in a Golden ChainTit 1:4
2440553Faithful Stewardship1Co 4:2
2441565Lord's Knowledge, Our Safeguard, The2Pe 2:9
2442577My Beloved Is MineSo 2:16
2443589Determination of Christ to Suffer for His People, TheMr 15:23
2444601Cheering WordsJoh 15:9
2445613Last Sermon for the Year, TheLu 16:2

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