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1Ch 4:10Prayer of Jabez, The9941871313
1Ch 4:23With the King for His Work!14001878109
1Ch 12:8-15David and His Volunteers32971912169
1Ch 12:16-18Recruits for King Jesus17701884145
1Ch 13:8, 12; 15:25Lesson of Uzza, The28551903517
1Ch 15:13Importance of Small Things in Religion3071860165
1Ch 16:4Recorders, The13081876445
1Ch 16:9Good Talk33991914145
1Ch 21:25-30 22:1-19Exposition of 1Ch 21:25-30 22:1-192261a1892298
1Ch 21:28 22:1Threshing-floor of Ornan, The18081884601
1Ch 22:1Araunah's Threshing Floor34771915445
1Ch 22:14One Worker Preparing for Another22611892289
1Ch 22:18The Best of All, God Is With Us24711896301
1Ch 22:19Exhortation—Set Your Heart1884188677
1Ch 28:1-21Exposition of 1Ch 28:1-212280a1892526
1Ch 28:8Intelligent Obedience32631911385
1Ch 28:9Sincere Seekers Assured Finders34901915589
1Ch 28:19God's Handwriting Upon David22801892517

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