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1Co 1:6Confirming the Witness of Christ28751904133
1Co 1:9Partnership with Christ25801898349
1Co 1:9Special Call and the Unfailing Result, The6161865111
1Co 1:18Word of the Cross, The16111881425
1Co 1:23Preaching Christ Crucified32181910481
1Co 1:23, 24Christ Crucified8185549
1Co 1:23, 24Christ Crucified7185549
1Co 1:24Christ—the Power and Wisdom of God1321857201
1Co 1:26-29God's Strange Choice5871864485
1Co 1:30, 31Fourfold Treasure, The9911871277
1Co 1:31Glorying in the Lord11781874337
1Co 2:2Christ Crucified26731900205
1Co 2:2Man of One Subject, The12641875637
1Co 2:9, 10Heaven56185617
1Co 2:12Grace for Grace20871889289
1Co 2:14Natural or Spiritual?4071861473
1Co 3:6-9Farm Labourers16021881317
1Co 3:11One Foundation, The14941879517
1Co 3:21-23Christian's Glorious Inventory, The25891898457
1Co 3:22Things Present8701869265
1Co 3:22Things to Come8751869325
1Co 4:1, 2Stewards33501913181
1Co 4:2Faithful Stewardship24401895553
1Co 4:7Catechism for the Proud, A1392187813
1Co 4:7Distinguishing Grace2621859297
1Co 4:7Pride Catechized and Condemned127118761
1Co 5:6-8Purging Out the Leaven9651870685
1Co 5:7Christ Our Passover5418561
1Co 6:9-11Marvellous Change, A2661190061
1Co 6:17Saint One With His Saviour, The9611870637
1Co 6:19, 20"Bought With a Price"10041871433
1Co 6:19, 20Redemption by Price15541880469
1Co 6:20 7:23Redemption and its Claims11631874157
1Co 7:29Time is Short, The28611903589
1Co 7:29-31Drama in Five Acts, A4811862649
1Co 7:31Fashion of This World, The30321907145
1Co 7:32Without Carefulness16921882661
1Co 9:7Battle of Life, The35111916217
1Co 9:16Preach the Gospel341855261
1Co 9:22By All Means Save Some11701874241
1Co 9:22Soul Saving Our One Business15071879673
1Co 9:24Heavenly Race, The1981858265
1Co 10:12Caution to the Presumptuous, A221855165
1Co 10:13Comfort for the Tempted260318991
1Co 10:13Comfort for Tried Believers29121904577
1Co 10:16Fellowship with Christ25721898253
1Co 10:16, 17Communion with Christ and His People32951912145
1Co 11:20-34 Mt 26:26-30Exposition of Mt 26:26-30 1Co 11:20-342268a1892382
1Co 11:23-26Right Observance of the Lord's Supper, The26381899421
1Co 11:24Double Forget-Me-Not, The30991908313
1Co 11:24Remembrance of Christ, The218559
1Co 11:24, 25In Remembrance3130190961
1Co 11:25, 26Lord's Supper, Simple But Sublime, The31511909313
1Co 11:26Feast of the Lord, The3501191697
1Co 11:26Greatest Exhibition of the Age, The23071893217
1Co 11:26Lord's Supper, The2872190497
1Co 11:26Object of the Lord's Supper, The29421905313
1Co 11:26What the Lord's Supper Sees and Says25951898529
1Co 11:26Witness of the Lord's Supper, The3338191337
1Co 11:28Examination Before Communion26991900517
1Co 11:28Fencing the Table2865190413
1Co 11:28Preparation for the Lord's Supper3391191449
1Co 11:28Preparation Necessary for the Communion26471899529
1Co 11:32Nature and Design of Divine Chastisement, The27461901457
1Co 12:28Helps7771867589
1Co 12:31Grace Preferred to Gifts26941900457
1Co 13:7Love's Labours16171881497
1Co 13:12Now, and Then10021871409
1Co 15:1-20Exposition of 1Co 15:1-202287a1892611
1Co 15:1-58Exposition—1Co 15:1-5867e1856108
1Co 15:6Fallen Asleep2659190037
1Co 15:8Leap Year Sermon, A2663190085
1Co 15:10Lessons on Divine Grace28331903253
1Co 15:10Paul's Parenthesis30841908133
1Co 15:12-19If There Be No Resurrection -22871892601
1Co 15:19"Alas For Us, If Thou Wert All, and Nought Beyond, O Earth"5621864181
1Co 15:20Resurrection—Christ the First Fruits4451862217
1Co 15:25Good News for Loyal Subjects8071868229
1Co 15:25He Must Reign29401905289
1Co 15:26Christ the Destroyer of Death13291876697
1Co 15:26Last Enemy Destroyed, The7211866637
1Co 15:31Dying Daily8281868481
1Co 15:35-38Resurgam3061860157
1Co 15:55-58Challenge and War-Charge, A29291905157
1Co 15:56, 57Thoughts on the Last Battle231855173
1Co 15:58Motives for Steadfastness11111873265

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