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2Ch 2:11King Sent in Love, A276019021
2Ch 5:13, 14; 7:1-3Temple Glories3751861217
2Ch 6:28-30Place of Prayer and Pardon, The26371899409
2Ch 12:8Servitude or Service—Which?23061893205
2Ch 12:14Rehoboam the Unready27491901493
2Ch 16:9Lesson from the Life of King Asa, A1152187425
2Ch 17:16Wanted!—Volunteers22271891541
2Ch 20:4Singing Army, The2923190585
2Ch 24:2, 17, 18Goodness, as a Morning Cloud23651894277
2Ch 27:6Jotham's Peculiar Honour30631907517
2Ch 28:10Home Question, A294186065
2Ch 28:22That King Ahaz29931906301
2Ch 28:23Ruins25651898169
2Ch 30:17-20To Those Who Feel Unfit for the Communion21311890109
2Ch 31:1Reform2381859105
2Ch 31:21Life in Earnest433186273
2Ch 32:8Words to Rest On22501892157
2Ch 33:2 12, 13Pardon for the Greatest Guilt23781894433
2Ch 33:9-13Miracle of Grace, A35051916145
2Ch 33:10, 11Another Lesson From Manasseh's Life23851894517
2Ch 33:12, 13Old Testament Prodigal, The33541913229
2Ch 33:13Manasseh1051856409
2Ch 34:15, 18, 19Very Early Bible Society, A33031912241
2Ch 34:27Self-Humbling7481867241
2Ch 35:2Cheer Up, My Comrades1513188013

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