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Ac 1:6-8Witnessing Better than Knowing the Future23301893493
Ac 1:10-11Ascension and the Second Advent Practically Considered, The1817188513
Ac 1:14Prayer Meetings34211914409
Ac 2:1Pentecost17831884301
Ac 2:1-4Pentecost5111863289
Ac 2:2-4Pentecostal Wind and Fire, The16191881521
Ac 2:17Young Man's Vision, A8061868217
Ac 2:24Bonds Which Could Not Hold2712190149
Ac 2:36, 37Pricked in Their Heart21021889469
Ac 2:37Heart Piercing30941908253
Ac 2:39Far-Reaching Promise, A25861898421
Ac 2:47Additions to the Church11671874205
Ac 3:15Prince of Life, The21391890205
Ac 3:16Power of Christ's Name, The25921898493
Ac 3:19Apostolic Exhortation8041868193
Ac 4:12Way of Salvation, The2091858353
Ac 4:13Christ's People—Imitators of Him211855157
Ac 4:30Holy Child, Jesus, The5451863697
Ac 5:19, 20Charge of the Angel, The20321888373
Ac 5:31Prince and a Saviour, A13011876361
Ac 5:31Royal Saviour, The32291910613
Ac 5:42First Sermon in the Tabernacle, The3691861169
Ac 6:7Good Earnests of Great Success8021868169
Ac 7:13Second Time, The30961908277
Ac 7:55, 56Stephen's Martyrdom7401867145
Ac 7:58Stephen and Saul29481905385
Ac 7:59, 60Stephen's Death11751874301
Ac 8:4-5, 35All at It20441888517
Ac 8:8Great Joy in the City23521894121
Ac 8:30-33Understandest Thou What Thou Readest?17921884409
Ac 8:37Who Should Be Baptized?27371901349
Ac 9:5Kicking Against the Pricks7091866493
Ac 9:5, 6Pressing Questions of an Awakened Mind1520188085
Ac 9:10Good Ananias: a Lesson for Believers, The18381885241
Ac 9:11Behold, He Prayeth18601885505
Ac 9:11Paul's First Prayer161855117
Ac 9:13-16Encouraging Lesson from Paul's Conversion, An9441870433
Ac 9:18Scales Taken from the Eyes32051910325
Ac 9:32-35Aeneas13151876529
Ac 10:14Peter's Blunder: A Lesson to Ourselves1823188585
Ac 10:36Negotiations for Peace9521870529
Ac 10:38Great Itinerant, The6551865577
Ac 10:38Model Home Mission and the Model Home Missionary, The9291870253
Ac 10:42Jesus the Judge14761879301
Ac 10:42, 43Mediator, Judge and Saviour, The15401880313
Ac 10:44Outpouring of the Holy Spirit, The2011858289
Ac 11:18Repentance Unto Life441855331
Ac 11:21Conversions Desired12821876133
Ac 12:9No Illusion5261863469
Ac 12:12Special Prayer-Meeting, The12471875433
Ac 12:18What Was Become of Peter?31181908541
Ac 13:12Two Pauls and a Blinded Sorcerer17811884277
Ac 13:26To You28991904421
Ac 13:34Sure Mercies of David, The23661894289
Ac 13:36His Own Funeral Sermon2243189273
Ac 13:38True Arm of Preaching, The31911910157
Ac 13:38, 39Simple Fact and Simple Faith3547191725
Ac 13:46-48Further Afield20451888529
Ac 13:49Gospel Missions761856177
Ac 14:9-10Cripple at Lystra, The5591864145
Ac 15:9Faith Purifying the Heart13491877217
Ac 15:11Grace—the One Way of Salvation7651867445
Ac 16:9Cry of the Heathen, The1891858193
Ac 16:9-34Exposition of Ac 16:9-342275a1892466
Ac 16:13, 14Lessons from Lydia's Conversation5441863685
Ac 16:14Lydia, the First European Convert22221891481
Ac 16:24-34Conversion and Character33721913445
Ac 16:31Faith in Christ30951908265
Ac 16:31King's Highway Opened and Cleared, The293186057
Ac 16:32-34Household Salvation10191871613
Ac 16:33, 34Belief, Baptism, Blessing22751892457
Ac 17:6World Turned Upside Down, The1931858225
Ac 17:27God's Nearness to Us19731887397
Ac 18:9, 10Cheer for the Worker, and Hope for London15661880613
Ac 18:10Present Helper, A3447191585
Ac 18:27Shank-bone Sermon, The; or True Believers and Their Helpers, The21381890193
Ac 19:2Receiving the Holy Ghost17901884385
Ac 19:19, 20Powerful Truth of God, The35181916301
Ac 20:19Humility3651861137
Ac 20:21Two Essential Things20731889121
Ac 20:24Gospel Worth Dying For, A17341883433
Ac 20:26, 27Minister's Farewell, The289186025
Ac 23:10-13Paul Cheered in Prison by His Lord31531909337
Ac 24:15Resurrection for the Just and the Unjust33461913133
Ac 24:15Resurrection of the Dead, The67185697
Ac 24:15Resurrection of the Dead, The66185697
Ac 24:25Paul's Sermon Before Felix171185849
Ac 25:18, 19Jesus Affirmed to be Alive20161888181
Ac 26:8Resurrection Credible, The10671872469
Ac 26:14Conversion of Saul of Tarsus, The2021858297
Ac 26:16-20God's Work Upon Minister and Convert17741884193
Ac 26:28To Those Who Are Almost Persuaded8711869277
Ac 27:18-25Paul in the Tempest31451909241
Ac 27:20Wrecked, but Not Reckless10701872505
Ac 27:24Church the World's Hope, The29521905433
Ac 27:25Cheery Word in Troublous Times, A1335187749
Ac 28:2Lessons from the Malta Fire31361909133
Ac 28:23Loving Persuasion19701887361
Ac 28:24Minister's Stock-Taking, The5161863349

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