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Joh 1:1-34Exposition of Joh 1:1-342259a1892273
Joh 1:11Ingratitude of Man10551872325
Joh 1:11-13Faith and its Attendant Privileges1212187525
Joh 1:11-13Simplicity and Sublimity of Salvation22591892265
Joh 1:12, 13Open Heart for the Great Saviour669186613
Joh 1:14Glory of Christ—Beheld!, The4141861529
Joh 1:14, 17True Tabernacle, and Its Glory of Grace and Peace, The18621885529
Joh 1:16Fulness and the Filling, The3553191797
Joh 1:16Fulness of Jesus the Treasury of Saints8581869121
Joh 1:16Fulness of Christ—Received!, The4151861537
Joh 1:29Baptist's Message, The26461899517
Joh 1:29Behold the Lamb of God19871887565
Joh 1:29Lamb of God, The32221910529
Joh 1:35, 36Lamb of God in Scripture, The23291893481
Joh 1:36Behold the Lamb10601872385
Joh 1:37; Mt 4:18, 19; 10:1, 2Peter's Three Calls7021866409
Joh 1:37-51First Five Disciples, The5701864277
Joh 1:39 20:12Two Loving Invitations6331865313
Joh 1:42Everyday Usefulness855186985
Joh 1:43-45Found by Jesus, and Finding Jesus23751894397
Joh 1:45Finding and Following Christ32251910565
Joh 1:45-51Nathanael and the Fig Tree9211870157
Joh 1:47Nathanael; or, the Man Needed for the Day2068188961
Joh 1:50Nathanael; or, the Ready Believer and His Reward20211888241
Joh 1:50, 51Greater Things Yet. Who Shall See Them?14781879325
Joh 2:5Obeying Christ's Orders23171893337
Joh 2:7Waterpots at Cana, The15561880493
Joh 2:9, 10Feast of the Lord, The226185910
Joh 2:9, 10Satan's Banquet22518591
Joh 2:11Beginning of Miracles Which Jesus Did, The21551890397
Joh 3:3Regeneration1301857185
Joh 3:5Jesus Christ's Idiom30531907397
Joh 3:7Every Man's Necessity1455187949
Joh 3:7Necessity of Regeneration, The31211908577
Joh 3:8Heavenly Wind, The13561877301
Joh 3:8Holy Spirit Compared to the Wind6301865277
Joh 3:8Spirit and the Wind, The2067188953
Joh 3:14Mysteries of the Brazen Serpent, The1531857365
Joh 3:16Immeasurable Love18501885385
Joh 3:18Essence of the Gospel, The9641870673
Joh 3:18None but Jesus3611861105
Joh 3:18None but Jesus—Second Part3621861113
Joh 3:33Christ's Testimony Received21581890433
Joh 3:36Unbeliever's Unhappy Condition, The10121871529
Joh 4:1-42Exposition of Joh 4:1-422277a1892490
Joh 4:6Jesus Sitting on the Well25701898229
Joh 4:7Model Soul-Winner, The24231895349
Joh 4:10Saving Knowledge7821867649
Joh 4:10Sychar's Sinner Saved22771892481
Joh 4:11Source, The28971904397
Joh 4:14Holy Water12021874625
Joh 4:14Life's Ever-Springing Well8641869193
Joh 4:15Water of Life, The7701867505
Joh 4:23, 24Axe at the Root—a Testimony Against Puseyite Idolatry, The6951866325
Joh 4:27-30Samaritan Woman and Her Mission, The16781882493
Joh 4:31-38Mysterious Meat19011886277
Joh 4:34Golden Sentence, A31351909121
Joh 4:34Jesus About His Father's Business3021860125
Joh 4:35Fields White for Harvest7061866457
Joh 4:39-42How Faith Comes26231899241
Joh 4:39-42Testimony and Experience10531872301
Joh 4:46-53Nobleman's Faith, The18651885565
Joh 4:48Characteristics of Faith3171860245
Joh 5:1-9Jesus at Bethesda; or, Waiting Changed for Believing7441867193
Joh 5:1-23Exposition of Joh 5:1-232269a1892394
Joh 5:5-9Impotence and Omnipotence22691892385
Joh 5:6Singular but Needful Question, A9551870565
Joh 5:8Hospital of Waiters Visited with the Gospel, The1211187513
Joh 5:9Sabbath-Work25681898205
Joh 5:11Work of Grace the Warrant for Obedience, The14791879337
Joh 5:24 6:47Verily, Verily1642188261
Joh 5:25Soul's Awakening, The3389191425
Joh 5:28, 29Coming Resurrection, The8961869577
Joh 5:40Free-Will—A Slave521855395
Joh 5:40Unwillingness to Come to Christ13241876637
Joh 5:44Why Men Do Not Believe34631915277
Joh 5:44Why Men Cannot Believe in Christ12451875409
Joh 6:6Jesus Knew What He Would Do16051881353
Joh 6:11Lad's Loaves in the Lord's Hands, The22161891409
Joh 6:17Night, and Jesus Not There!29451905349
Joh 6:24Seeking for Jesus9471870469
Joh 6:29Plain Answer to an Important Enquiry, A1521188093
Joh 6:35Soul-Satisfying Bread11121873277
Joh 6:37All Comers to Christ Welcomed2349189485
Joh 6:37Big Gates Wide Open, The29541905457
Joh 6:37Certainty and Freeness of Divine Grace, The5991864633
Joh 6:37Come, and Welcome30001906385
Joh 6:37High Doctrine and Broad Doctrine1762188449
Joh 6:37Last Message for the Year, The32301910625
Joh 6:39, 40Father's Will, The11171873337
Joh 6:44Human Inability1821858137
Joh 6:44, 45Drawings of Divine Love, The23861894529
Joh 6:45Choice Teaching for the Chosen2606189937
Joh 6:47, 48Feeding on the Bread of Life27061900601
Joh 6:48Best Bread, The1940188725
Joh 6:53-56Truly Eating the Flesh of Jesus12881876205
Joh 6:55Meat and Drink of the New Nature, The14601879109
Joh 6:55Meat Indeed, and Drink Indeed34241914445
Joh 6:55Soul's Meat and Drink, The31921910169
Joh 6:63Blow for Puseyism, A6531865553
Joh 6:63Spiritual Religion26771900253
Joh 6:64Search-Warrant, The28981904409
Joh 6:66-69Home Question and a Right Answer, A16461882109
Joh 6:67Absconding and Apostasy35561917133
Joh 6:67Mournful Defection, A29141904601
Joh 6:67, 68Cleaving to Christ32101910385
Joh 7:37Preacher's Last Sermon for the Season, The18751885673
Joh 7:38, 39; 16:7Indwelling and Outflowing of the Holy Spirit, The16621882301
Joh 7:43Christ the Cause of Division2710190125
Joh 7:46Unrivalled Eloquence of Jesus, The9511870517
Joh 7:53 8:1Vivid Contrast, A30031906421
Joh 8:12Light of the World, The35341916493
Joh 8:29Christian's Motto, The11651874181
Joh 8:30-32Believing on Jesus, and its Counterfeits21911891109
Joh 8:36Great Liberator, The5651864217
Joh 8:37Place for the Word25841898397
Joh 8:38Universal Fatherhood, A Lie!25601898121
Joh 8:42Love to Jesus the Great Test12571875553
Joh 8:46Nominal Christians—Real Infidels492186361
Joh 8:51-53Man Who Shall Never See Death, The21691890565
Joh 8:56Seeing Christ's Day26521899589
Joh 9:3God's Works Made Manifest23091893241
Joh 9:3, 4Blind Man's Eyes Opened; or, Practical Christianity, The17541883673
Joh 9:4Spur, The9431870421
Joh 9:4Work7561867337
Joh 9:5-7Blind Beggar of the Temple, and his Wonderful Cure, The19771887445
Joh 9:21Speak for Yourself. A Challenge!1393187825
Joh 9:25Simple But Sound29551905469
Joh 9:31True and Not True29501905409
Joh 9:32Healing of One Born Blind, The10651872445
Joh 9:35All-Important Question, An30081906481
Joh 9:35Question for Thee, A3132190985
Joh 9:35Question of Questions, The21411890229
Joh 9:35, 36Essence of Simplicity, The10881872721
Joh 9:35-38Pressed Man Yielding to Christ, A26671900133
Joh 9:39Sight for Those Who See Not17981884481
Joh 10:3Personal and Effectual Calling23591894205
Joh 10:9Door, The27521901529
Joh 10:9Only Door, The3287191249
Joh 10:10Life More Abundant115018741
Joh 10:11Whose Goodness Faileth Never2919190537
Joh 10:14, 15Our Own Dear Shepherd187718861
Joh 10:16Other Sheep and One Flock17131883181
Joh 10:17Father's Love to His Dying Son, The21171889649
Joh 10:27Sheep and Their Shepherd, The9951871325
Joh 10:27-30Security of Believers; or, Sheep Who Shall Never Perish, The21201889685
Joh 10:28Life Eternal7261866697
Joh 10:28Perseverance Without Presumption10561872337
Joh 10:39-42Cheering Incident at Bethabara, A19241886553
Joh 10:39-42Jesus and His Forerunner2818190373
Joh 11:3Beloved, and Yet Afflicted1518188073
Joh 11:14, 15Mystery! Saints Sorrowing and Jesus Glad!, A5851864461
Joh 11:20Faith Seeing God's Glory3342191385
Joh 11:22Even Now22491892145
Joh 11:24-26Though He Were Dead17991884493
Joh 11:26Believer Catechized, The15681880637
Joh 11:28Master, The11981874577
Joh 11:28-32Welcome Visitor, The34611915253
Joh 11:35Jesus Wept20911889337
Joh 11:36Oh, How He Loves!32281910601
Joh 11:37Could He Not? Ah! But He Would Not!34201914397
Joh 11:37Might Have Been, or May Be1944188753
Joh 11:39, 44Sphere of Instrumentality, The10521872289
Joh 11:43, 44Spiritual Resurrection, The2554189849
Joh 11:43, 44Unbinding Lazarus17761884217
Joh 11:47Great Miracle-Worker, The27361901337
Joh 12:3Concentration and Diffusion31741909589
Joh 12:23, 24Christ's Death and Ours3024190749
Joh 12:26Christ's Servant — His Duty, and Reward4631862433
Joh 12:26Christian's Service and Honour, The26511899577
Joh 12:26Precepts and Promises28741904121
Joh 12:26Rule and Reward of Serving Christ, The2449189637
Joh 12:28Golden Prayer, A139118781
Joh 12:31-33Crisis of This World, The23381893589
Joh 12:32Christ Lifted Up1391857257
Joh 12:32Great Attraction, The7751867565
Joh 12:32, 33Marvellous Magnet, The17171883229
Joh 12:36Despised Light Withdrawn24131895229
Joh 12:37-41Israel and Britain. A Note of Warning18441885313
Joh 13:1Faithfulness of Jesus, The8101868265
Joh 13:1Love Stronger than Death23771894421
Joh 13:3-5Teaching of the Foot-Washing, The14991879577
Joh 13:6Jesus Washing His Disciples' Feet612186561
Joh 13:7Unknown Ways of Love, The12931876265
Joh 13:8Sine Qua Non, The9261870217
Joh 13:17Knowing and Doing33481913157
Joh 13:23-26On His Breast20521888613
Joh 13:34, 35Christ's New Commandment29361905241
Joh 14:1Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled730186725
Joh 14:1-4Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled17411883517
Joh 14:2 Col 1:12Prepared Place for a Prepared People, A27511901517
Joh 14:6Jesus the Way29381905265
Joh 14:6Only Road, The35441916613
Joh 14:6Way, The9421870409
Joh 14:6Way to God, The2451859161
Joh 14:9Chiding and Cheering34301914517
Joh 14:15Love's Law and Life19321886649
Joh 14:16Paraclete, The10741872553
Joh 14:16, 17Personality of the Holy Ghost, The4185525
Joh 14:17Intimate Knowledge of the Holy Spirit20741889133
Joh 14:17Saint and the Spirit, The7541867313
Joh 14:18Believer Not an Orphan, The29901906265
Joh 14:19Life in Christ96818711
Joh 14:19Seeing Jesus3443191537
Joh 14:19Sharing Christ's Life34011914169
Joh 14:19Spiritual Sight and Eternal Life29531905445
Joh 14:22Christ Manifesting Himself to His People291855221
Joh 14:23Blessed Gospel Chain, A28951904373
Joh 14:24-26Private Tutor, The18421885289
Joh 14:26Comforter, The5185533
Joh 14:26Great Teacher and Remembrancer, The33531913217
Joh 14:26Teaching of the Holy Ghost, The3151860229
Joh 14:27Best of Masters, The2471859177
Joh 14:27Cause and Effect of Heart Trouble, The3076190837
Joh 14:27Spiritual Peace3001860109
Joh 14:28Love's Transformations: a Communion Meditation18711885634
Joh 15:2Sharp Knife for the Vine Branches, A7741867553
Joh 15:5Self-Sufficiency Slain3451860469
Joh 15:5Without Christ—Nothing16251881592
Joh 15:7Secret of Power in Prayer, The2002188813
Joh 15:9Cheering Words24441895601
Joh 15:9Love at its Utmost19821887505
Joh 15:11Christ's Joy and Ours29351905229
Joh 15:13Love's Crowning Deed11281873469
Joh 15:13One Aspect of Christ's Death29861906217
Joh 15:14Friends of Jesus, The15521880445
Joh 15:14Friendship's Guide34371914601
Joh 15:22Human Responsibility1941858233
Joh 15:25Hatred Without Cause891856281
Joh 16:7Superlative Excellence of the Holy Spirit, The5741864329
Joh 16:8-11Holy Spirit's Threefold Conviction of Men, The17081883121
Joh 16:13Holy Ghost—The Great Teacher, The501855379
Joh 16:14Holy Spirit Glorifying Christ, The29071904517
Joh 16:14Holy Spirit Glorifying Christ, The4651862457
Joh 16:14Promise and Precedent, A3127190925
Joh 16:14Spirit's Office Towards Disciples, The30621907505
Joh 16:14, 15Holy Spirit's Chief Office, The23821894481
Joh 16:14, 15"Honey in the Mouth!"22131891373
Joh 16:16-33Exposition of Joh 16:16-332271a1892418
Joh 16:20Wonderful Transformation, A29831906181
Joh 16:20-22Sorrow at the Cross Turned Into Joy14421878613
Joh 16:22Joy in Place of Sorrow25251897325
Joh 16:26, 27Pray, Always, Pray28001902481
Joh 16:31, 32Alone, Yet Not Alone22711892409
Joh 16:31, 32Christ's Loneliness and Ours30521907385
Joh 16:33Christ the Overcomer of the World13271876673
Joh 16:33Good Cheer from Christ's Victory Over the World3285191225
Joh 16:33Sweet Peace for Tried Believers19941887649
Joh 17:1Son Glorified by the Father and the Father Glorified by the Son, The14651879163
Joh 17:2General and Yet Particular5661864229
Joh 17:3; 1Jo 5:20, 21Eternal Life!2396189525
Joh 17:9, 10Christ's Pastoral Prayer for His People23311893505
Joh 17:11, 12Prospect—He Will Keep1883188669
Joh 17:15Christ's Negative and Positive Prayer23551894157
Joh 17:15Christ's Prayer for His People471855355
Joh 17:15Christ's Prayer for His People471855355
Joh 17:15Preservation of Christians in the World, The27031900565
Joh 17:16Character of Christ's People, The781856193
Joh 17:17Our Lord's Prayer for His People's Sanctification18901886145
Joh 17:18Believers Sent by Christ, as Christ is Sent by the Father21441890265
Joh 17:20Christ's Prayer for Believers3133190997
Joh 17:20, 21Unity in Christ66818661
Joh 17:22, 23Glory, Unity, and Triumph of the Church, The14721879253
Joh 17:24Redeemer's Prayer, The1881858185
Joh 17:24Why They Leave Us18921886169
Joh 17:24 Mt 26:39I Will', Yet, 'Not as I Will''23761894409
Joh 17:25, 26Righteous Father Known and Loved, The13781877565
Joh 17:26"Love and I"—A Mystery16671882361
Joh 18:1, 2Jesus in Gethsemane2767190285
Joh 18:8Christ's Care of His Disciples26161899157
Joh 18:8, 9Captive Saviour Freeing His People, The7221866649
Joh 18:8, 9Living Care of the Dying Christ, The23681894313
Joh 18:12-13, 19-23Christ Before Annas2820190397
Joh 18:18Sermon for a Winter's Evening, A3181191037
Joh 18:24Christ in Bonds28221903121
Joh 18:25Secret Disciples Encouraged32071910349
Joh 18:26In the Garden with Him21061889517
Joh 18:34Second-hand26241899253
Joh 18:37Jesus, the King of Truth10861872697
Joh 18:37King in Pilate's Hall, The28261903169
Joh 18:38Our Lord's First Appearance Before Pilate1644188285
Joh 18:40Barabbas Preferred to Jesus5951864585
Joh 19:14Ecce Rex13531877265
Joh 19:16Procession of Sorrow, The4971863121
Joh 19:19King of the Jews, The31231908601
Joh 19:25-30 Lu 23:33-46Exposition of Lu 23:33-46 Joh 19:25-302263a1892322
Joh 19:28Saviour's Thirst, The33851913601
Joh 19:28Shortest of the Seven Cries, The14091878217
Joh 19:30Christ's Dying Word for His Church2344189425
Joh 19:30Christ's Finished Work (O.Winslow)3781861243
Joh 19:30It Is Finished!4211861585
Joh 19:31-37On the Cross After Death19561887193
Joh 19:32-37Pierced Heart of Jesus, The35591917169
Joh 19:34Water and the Blood, The33111912337
Joh 19:38-42Royal Funeral, A23901894577
Joh 20:10-16Magdalene at the Sepulchre; an Instructive Scene21191889673
Joh 20:15Handkerchief, A29561905481
Joh 20:15Supposing Him to be the Gardener1699188313
Joh 20:17Christ's Manifestation to Mary Magdalene27331901301
Joh 20:17Noli Me Tangere25611898133
Joh 20:19Jesus in Our Midst12541875517
Joh 20:27Evidence of our Lord's Wounds, The20611888713
Joh 20:27, 28Memorable Interview, A35411916577
Joh 20:28My Lord and My God17751884205
Joh 20:29Faith Without Sight27211901157
Joh 20:30, 31Main Matter, The16311881653
Joh 21:6 Lu 5:4Two Draughts of Fishes, The4431862193
Joh 21:7Power of Christ's Presence, The31461909253
Joh 21:7, 8Visits From the Lord34811915481
Joh 21:12Breakfast with Jesus20721889109
Joh 21:15Feed My Lambs—A Sabbath School Sermon16841882565
Joh 21:15-17Lovest Thou Me?117185781
Joh 21:16Feed My Sheep32111910397
Joh 21:16Lovest Thou Me?12811876121
Joh 21:17Comfort from Christ's Omniscience26691900157
Joh 21:17Do I Love the Lord or No?35241916373
Joh 21:20Disciple Whom Jesus Loved, The15391880301
Joh 21:22Following Christ30571907445

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