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Le 1:4, 5Putting the Hand Upon the Head of the Sacrifice17711884157
Le 1:5Slaying the Sacrifice17721884169
Le 2:13Salt for Sacrifice1942188741
Le 4:3Sin Offering, The7391867133
Le 4:6, 7Sprinkling of the Blood of the Sacrifice, The17801884265
Le 4:7Blood Even on the Golden Altar23691894325
Le 4:27-31Sin-Offering for the Common People, The10481872241
Le 4:29Laying the Hand on the Sacrifice28401903337
Le 5:17, 18Sins of Ignorance13861877661
Le 11:2, 3Clean and the Unclean, The4991863145
Le 13:12, 13Cleansing of the Leper, The353186141
Le 16:30Annual Atonement, The19231886541
Le 16:34Day of Atonement, The34001914157
Le 16:34Day of Atonement, The951856329
Le 22:21Plain Man's Sermon, A1879188625
Le 25:1-7; 17-22; De 15:1-18Exposition of Le 25:1-7; 17-22; De 15:1-182276a1892466

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