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Lu 1:17People Prepared for the Lord, A24041895121
Lu 1:18, 34Distinction with a Difference, A14051878169
Lu 1:20Judgment Upon Zacharias, The3495191625
Lu 1:32He Shall be Great1760188425
Lu 1:46Key-Note of a Choice Sonnet, The1514188025
Lu 1:46, 47Harp of Ten Strings, A22191891445
Lu 1:46, 47Mary's Magnificat29411905301
Lu 1:46, 47Mary's Song6061864717
Lu 1:53Alto and Bass25821898373
Lu 1:53Hungry Filled, the Rich Emptied, The30191906613
Lu 1:77-79Tender Mercy of Our God, The19071886349
Lu 1:78God's Tender Mercy30291907109
Lu 2:7No Room for Christ in the Inn4851862697
Lu 2:10God Incarnate, the End of Fear7271866709
Lu 2:10Great Birthday, The13301876709
Lu 2:10-12Joy Born at Bethlehem10261871697
Lu 2:14First Christmas Carol, The168185825
Lu 2:15Visit to Bethlehem, A29151904613
Lu 2:17-20Holy Work for Christmas6661865709
Lu 2:25Simeon6591865625
Lu 2:28-30Thy Salvation14171878313
Lu 2:29, 30"Nunc Dimittis"10141871553
Lu 2:29, 30Simeon's Swan Song2293189349
Lu 2:30Christ Seen as God's Salvation31771909625
Lu 2:32Christ the Glory of His People8261868457
Lu 2:34Christ—the Fall and Rise of Many9071869709
Lu 2:44Supposing Him to Have Been in the Company17241883313
Lu 2:44-46Lost Christ Found, A2611189997
Lu 2:48, 49First Recorded Words of Jesus, The16661882349
Lu 2:49Christ About His Father's Business1221857121
Lu 3:16Loosing the Shoe-Latchet10441872193
Lu 3:21, 22; 6:12, 13; 9:28, 29; Mt 14:23-25; Joh 11:41, 42; Lu 22:31, 32; 23:46Preparatory Prayers of Christ, The317819101
Lu 4:13 Mt 4:11Satan Departing, Angels Ministering23261893445
Lu 4:27Rule of Grace, The30611907493
Lu 4:28-30Nazareth; or, Jesus Rejected by His Friends7531867301
Lu 4:38, 39Fever and Its Cure21741890625
Lu 4:39Ministry of Gratitude, The10711872517
Lu 5:5At Thy Word16541882205
Lu 5:5Nevertheless at Thy Word28101902601
Lu 5:8Peter's Prayer34071914241
Lu 5:16-26Carried by Four9811871157
Lu 5:17Gospel's Healing Power, The7201866625
Lu 5:17Sitting By19911887613
Lu 5:20First Forgiveness, Then Healing24171895277
Lu 5:26Strange Things26141899133
Lu 5:31Patients for the Great Physician28351903277
Lu 6:12Special Protracted Prayer7981868121
Lu 6:15Zealots6391865385
Lu 6:32-34Heroic in Christianity, The1584188197
Lu 6:39, 40Choice of a Leader, The12481875445
Lu 6:46-49On Laying Foundations1702188349
Lu 7:4-9Centurion: or, an Exhortation to the Virtuous, The6001864645
Lu 7:6-8Centurion's Faith and Humility, The8001868145
Lu 7:11-17Young Man, is This for You?2003188825
Lu 7:34Very Friend You Need, The24841896457
Lu 7:37, 38Penitence, Pardon and Peace33591913289
Lu 7:37, 38Woman Which Was a Sinner, The8011868157
Lu 7:38Our Place: At Jesus' Feet2066188945
Lu 7:41Debtors and Debtors2768190297
Lu 7:41, 42Two Debtors, The30151906565
Lu 7:41-43Who Loves Christ Most?28731904109
Lu 7:42Bankrupt Debtors Discharged17391883493
Lu 7:42, 43Love's Competition2127189061
Lu 7:50Go in Peace27701902121
Lu 7:50Gracious Dismissal, A2183189113
Lu 7:50 18:42Saving Faith11621874145
Lu 8:4-8Parable of the Sower, The3081860173
Lu 8:5Seed by the Wayside28431903373
Lu 8:6Lacking Moisture28451903397
Lu 8:12Satan's Punctuality, Power, and Purpose1459187997
Lu 8:18Heedful Hearing33571913265
Lu 8:28Plain Words with the Careless7781867601
Lu 8:40Welcome for Jesus, A25931898505
Lu 8:43, 44Cured at Last!20181888205
Lu 8:46Real Contact with Jesus31241908613
Lu 8:47She Was Not Hid20191888217
Lu 9:11Real Grace for Real Need8891869493
Lu 9:11Welcome! Welcome!16241881581
Lu 9:32Waking to See Christ's Glory2658190025
Lu 9:37-62Exposition of Lu 9:37-622273a1892442
Lu 9:42Comer's Conflict with Satan, The1001856369
Lu 9:42Devil's Last Throw, The17461883577
Lu 9:52, 53Why Men Reject Christ24631896205
Lu 9:57-62Fickle Followers22731892433
Lu 9:61Broken Column, The4031861441
Lu 10:20Why May I Rejoice?13211876601
Lu 10:21Lord's Chosen Ministers, The23191893361
Lu 10:21, 22Joy of Jesus, The15711880673
Lu 10:25-37Good Samaritan, The13601877349
Lu 10:33Good News for You4731862553
Lu 10:38-42Martha and Mary9271870229
Lu 10:39Love at Leisure29271905133
Lu 10:40Cumbered with Much Serving31631909457
Lu 10:41, 42Martha and Mary34691915349
Lu 10:42One Thing Needful, The10151871565
Lu 10:42 Joh 9:25 Php 3:13Threefold Motto, A35361916517
Lu 11:9, 10Prayer Certified of Success1091187325
Lu 11:11-13Right Replies to Right Requests9591870613
Lu 11:21 Ps 29:11Peace of the Devil, and the Peace of God, The21571890421
Lu 11:21-26Strong One Driven Out by a Stronger One, The613186573
Lu 11:27, 28Believers as Blessed as the Blessed Virgin19201886505
Lu 11:27, 28True Lineage, The30181906601
Lu 11:29Word with Those Who Wait for Signs and Wonders, A8981869601
Lu 11:31Greater Than Solomon, A16001881293
Lu 11:33-36Eye and the Light, The21091889553
Lu 12:1Hypocrisy237185997
Lu 12:29Anxiety, Ambition, Indecision2871190485
Lu 12:32Little, but Lovely3549191749
Lu 12:37, 38Watching for Christ's Coming23021893157
Lu 12:49Fire — the Want of the Times854186973
Lu 12:54-57Signs of the Times11351873553
Lu 13:1-5Accidents, Not Punishments4081861481
Lu 13:7, 8Judgment Threatening but Mercy Sparing6501865517
Lu 13:8This Year Also145118791
Lu 13:10-13Lifting Up of the Bowed Down, The14261878421
Lu 13:10-13Sabbath Miracle, A28911904325
Lu 13:11-13Christ Looseth From Infirmities31951910205
Lu 13:18, 19Mustard Seed: a Sermon for the Sabbath-School Teacher, The21101889565
Lu 13:24Self-Delusion4751862577
Lu 13:24Strait Gate, The35601917181
Lu 13:30Great Changes29341905217
Lu 13:33Jerusalem the Guilty35201916325
Lu 14:17All Things are Ready, Come13541877277
Lu 14:18Bad Excuse is Worse than None, A5781864377
Lu 14:20Straight Talk, A2122189013
Lu 14:22More Room for More People35291916433
Lu 14:22Yet There is Room32211910517
Lu 14:23Compel Them to Come In227185917
Lu 14:26 Joh 8:31; 13:35; 15:8Characteristics of Christ's Disciples26501899565
Lu 14:28-30Counting the Cost11591874109
Lu 14:31, 32Consider Before You Fight6321865301
Lu 15:1Approachableness of Jesus, The8091868253
Lu 15:1, 2Christ and His Hearers34101914277
Lu 15:2Appeal to Sinners, An2191858433
Lu 15:2Open House for All Comers6651865697
Lu 15:4Until He Find It28211903109
Lu 15:4-6Our Great Shepherd Finding the Sheep2065188937
Lu 15:4-7Parable of the Lost Sheep, The18011884517
Lu 15:8-10Lost Silver Piece, The970187125
Lu 15:10High Day in Heaven, A27911902373
Lu 15:10Sympathy of the Two Worlds, The2031858305
Lu 15:17Number One Thousand; or Bread Enough and to Spare10001871385
Lu 15:17Prodigal's Climax, The24141895241
Lu 15:20Many Kisses for Returning Sinners; or Prodigal Love for the Prodigal Son22361891649
Lu 15:20Prodigal's Reception, The5881864497
Lu 15:20Prodigal's Return, The176185889
Lu 15:20Turning Point, The11891874469
Lu 15:20, 21Programme Never Carried Out, A25201897265
Lu 15:22, 23Reception of Sinners, The12041874649
Lu 16:2Last Sermon for the Year, The24451895613
Lu 16:2Sunday-School Teacher—A Steward, The1921858217
Lu 16:26Bridgeless Gulf, The5181863373
Lu 16:31Preacher from the Dead, A1431857285
Lu 17:5Growth in Faith33841913589
Lu 17:5Increased Faith the Strength of Peace Principles13181876565
Lu 17:5Necessity of Increased Faith, The321855245
Lu 17:7-10Our Service for Christ Never Finished23341893541
Lu 17:12-14Only Trust Him! Only Trust Him!16351881701
Lu 17:15-19Where are the Nine? or, Praise Neglected19351886685
Lu 17:17Where are the Nine? Where?29601905529
Lu 17:22And Why Not?13231876625
Lu 17:32Remember Lot's Wife14911879481
Lu 18:1When Should We Pray?25191897253
Lu 18:1-8Importunate Widow, The856186997
Lu 18:7Prayerful Importunity28361903289
Lu 18:8Search for Faith, The19631887277
Lu 18:10Blessings of Public Worship, The2395189513
Lu 18:13Confession and Absolution2161858409
Lu 18:13Sermon for the Worst Man on Earth, A19491887109
Lu 18:14Too Good to be Saved!26871900373
Lu 18:17Receiving the Kingdom of God as a Little Child14391878577
Lu 18:37Soul's Crisis, The9061869697
Lu 19:5Effectual Calling731856153
Lu 19:5Must He?27551901565
Lu 19:6Honoured Guest, The34871915553
Lu 19:6Jesus Joyfully Received27011900541
Lu 19:7Sinner's Saviour, The13191876577
Lu 19:9Day to be Remembered, A26651900109
Lu 19:10Christ the Seeker and Saviour of the Lost33091912313
Lu 19:10Errand of Mercy, The30501907361
Lu 19:10Good News for the Lost11001873133
Lu 19:10Mission of the Son of Man, The2041858313
Lu 19:10Saving the Lost27561901577
Lu 19:12, 13Servants and the Pounds, The19601887241
Lu 19:28Our Glorious Leader354519171
Lu 19:37-40Praise Thy God, O Zion6781866121
Lu 19:41Lamentations of Jesus, The15701880661
Lu 20:37, 38Departed Saints Yet Living18631885541
Lu 21:28-31Joyful Anticipation of the Second Advent24961896601
Lu 21:33Perpetuity of the Gospel, The26361899397
Lu 22:14Christ and His Table Companions31071908409
Lu 22:19Lord's Supper: a Remembrance of Jesus, The20381888445
Lu 22:27Servus Servorum25141897193
Lu 22:32Christ's Prayer for Peter26201899205
Lu 22:32Peter After His Restoration20351888409
Lu 22:43Weakened Christ Strengthened, The27691902109
Lu 22:44Agony in Gethsemane, The11991874589
Lu 22:44Gethsemane493186373
Lu 22:47, 48Betrayal, The494186385
Lu 22:60-62Peter's Restoration20341888397
Lu 22:61, 62Peter's Fall and Restoration27711902133
Lu 22:63-65Majesty in Misery28251903157
Lu 23:8, 9Our Lord Before Herod1645188297
Lu 23:11Setting Jesus at Nought20511888601
Lu 23:27-31Wherefore Should I Weep?13201876589
Lu 23:33-46 Joh 19:25-30Exposition of Lu 23:33-46 Joh 19:25-302263a1892322
Lu 23:34Christ's Plea for Ignorant Sinners22631892313
Lu 23:34First Cry from the Cross, The8971869589
Lu 23:34Plea from the Cross, A35581917157
Lu 23:34Unknown Depths and Heights30681907577
Lu 23:39-43Witnessing at the Cross33631913337
Lu 23:40-42Dying Thief in a New Light, The1881188649
Lu 23:42, 43Believing Thief, The20781889181
Lu 23:46Our Lord's Last Cry from the Cross23111893265
Lu 23:46 Ps 31:5 Ac 7:59Last Words of Christ on the Cross, The26441899493
Lu 23:48Mourning at the Sight of the Crucified8601869145
Lu 24:5Timely Expostulation, A33971914121
Lu 24:5, 6Lord is Risen Indeed, The11061873205
Lu 24:13-48Exposition of Lu 24:13-482279a1892514
Lu 24:16Jesus Near but Unrecognized11801874361
Lu 24:25Folly of Unbelief19801887481
Lu 24:28, 29Blessed Guest Detained, The16551882217
Lu 24:36Peace Be Unto You34561915193
Lu 24:36-44First Appearance of the Risen Lord to the Eleven, The19581887217
Lu 24:38Christ the Cure for Troubled Hearts24081895169
Lu 24:40Wounds of Jesus, The2541859233
Lu 24:41Too Good to be True4251861617
Lu 24:41-45Joy Hindering Faith22791892505
Lu 24:47Beginning at Jerusalem17291883373
Lu 24:47Repentance and Remission32241910553
Lu 24:47 Mt 4:17Christ's First and Last Subject3291860341
Lu 24:50-53Our Lord's Attitude in Ascension29491905397

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