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Mt 1:21Jesus14341878517
Mt 1:23God With Us12701875709
Mt 2:1, 2, 9, 10Star and the Wise Men, The169818831
Mt 2:1-4Far-Off, Near; the Near Far Off, The23251893433
Mt 2:2Sages, the Star, and the Saviour, The9671870709
Mt 2:14, 15; Ho 11:1Out of Egypt16751882457
Mt 2:23 Ac 24:5Nazarene and the Sect of the Nazarenes, The16321881665
Mt 3:7 Heb 6:18Flee From the Wrath to Come27041900577
Mt 3:16, 17Lessons from Christ's Baptism32981912181
Mt 3:16, 17 17:5; Joh 12:28Voices From the Excellent Glory909187013
Mt 3:17Great Sermon by the Greatest Preacher, A24091895181
Mt 4:1Tempted of the Devil29971906349
Mt 4:3Sonship Questioned26131899121
Mt 4:4Infallibility—Where to Find It and How to Use It12081874697
Mt 4:5-7Temptations on the Pinnacle6891866253
Mt 4:15, 16Light for Those Who Sit in Darkness10101871505
Mt 4:19How to Become Fishers of Men19061886337
Mt 4:20Straightway26181899181
Mt 4:23-25Three Homilies from One Text3331860373
Mt 5:1-12Beatitudes, The31551909361
Mt 5:3First Beatitude, The31561909373
Mt 5:5Third Beatitude, The30651907541
Mt 5:6Fourth Beatitude, The31571909385
Mt 5:6Hunger and Thirst Which Are Blessed, The21031889481
Mt 5:7Fifth Beatitude, The31581909397
Mt 5:8Sixth Beatitude, The31591909409
Mt 5:9Peacemaker, The4221861593
Mt 5:14Light of the World, The11091873241
Mt 5:15, 16Candle, The15941881217
Mt 5:18Perpetuity of the Law of God, The16601882277
Mt 5:45No Difference14141878277
Mt 5:47Call to Holy Living, A1029187213
Mt 6:9Fatherhood of God, The2131858385
Mt 6:10Heavenly Pattern for our Earthly Life, A17781884241
Mt 6:13Lead Us Not Into Temptation5091863265
Mt 6:13Lead Us Not Into Temptation14021878133
Mt 6:22, 23Single Eye and Simple Faith, A3351860389
Mt 6:31-33Thought Condemned, Yet Commanded2973190661
Mt 6:33First Things First18641885553
Mt 6:33Something Worth Seeking25151897205
Mt 7:7Knock!17231883301
Mt 7:21Sieve, The1158187497
Mt 7:21-23Disowned, The28081902577
Mt 7:24-27Two Builders and Their Houses9181870121
Mt 8:2-3And Why Not Me?21621890481
Mt 8:7, 13Chief Physician and the Centurion's Servant, The14221878373
Mt 8:8Self Low, but Christ High21611890469
Mt 8:8, 9Man Under Authority, A24341895481
Mt 8:10Blessed Wonder, A9361870337
Mt 8:11, 12Heaven and Hell39-401855301
Mt 8:14, 15First Healing, and then Service18361885217
Mt 8:16, 17Help for Your Sickness2124189033
Mt 8:19, 20Hopeful, Yet Doubtful23611894229
Mt 8:26Comfort for the Fearful28521903481
Mt 8:27 Mr 4:41With the Disciples on the Lake of Galilee16861882589
Mt 9:2Secret of Happiness, The32271910589
Mt 9:2 Mr 2:3-5 Lu 5:18-20Good Cheer from Forgiven Sin30161906577
Mt 9:2-7Physician Pardons His Palsied Patient, The23371893577
Mt 9:9Man Named Matthew, A24931896565
Mt 9:10Christ Receiving Sinners28891904301
Mt 9:12Great Physician and His Patients, The6181865133
Mt 9:20-22 Lu 8:42-48Good Cheer from Grace Received302019071
Mt 9:21May I?18091884613
Mt 9:27-30Our Lord's Question to the Blind Men13551877289
Mt 9:27-30Plain Man's Pathway to Peace, The15601880541
Mt 9:28Faith in Christ's Ability33021912229
Mt 9:32, 33Unparalleled Cure, An24821896433
Mt 9:36Compassion of Jesus, The34381914613
Mt 9:37, 38 10:1Harvest Men Wanted11271873457
Mt 10:16Sheep Among Wolves13701877469
Mt 10:22Enduring to the End554186485
Mt 10:27Learning in Private What to Teach in Public26741900217
Mt 10:30Hairs of Your Head Numbered, The2005188849
Mt 10:30Providence1871858177
Mt 10:32-33Confession of Christ34051914217
Mt 11:5Preaching for the Poor114185757
Mt 11:6Offended with Christ1398187885
Mt 11:12Holy Violence2521859217
Mt 11:19Sinner's Friend, The5561864109
Mt 11:25, 26Even So, Father3941861369
Mt 11:27, 28Powerful Persuasives35021916109
Mt 11:28Christ-Given Rest, The22981893109
Mt 11:28Christ's Word with You16911882649
Mt 11:28Jesus Calling27811902253
Mt 11:28Old Gospel for the New Century, The270819011
Mt 11:28World-Wide Welcome, A33521913205
Mt 11:28-30Meek and Lowly One, The2651859321
Mt 11:28-30Rest for the Labouring13221876613
Mt 11:28-30Rest, Rest969187113
Mt 11:29Heart of Jesus, The11051873193
Mt 11:30Christ's Yoke and Burden28321903241
Mt 12:3-7How to Read the Bible15031879625
Mt 12:6One Greater than the Temple1275187649
Mt 12:10, 13Withered Hand, The14851879409
Mt 12:19-21Gentleness of Jesus, The11471873697
Mt 12:20Sweet Comfort for Feeble Saints6185541
Mt 12:42Greater Than Solomon, A31661909493
Mt 12:42Queen of Sheba, The33511913193
Mt 12:42Queen of the South, or the Earnest Enquirer, The5331863553
Mt 12:42Queen of Sheba, a Sign, The27771902205
Mt 13:3Sower, The28421903361
Mt 13:5, 6Seed Upon a Rock, The28441903385
Mt 13:7, 22Sown Among Thorns20401888469
Mt 13:12More and More, or Less and Less14881879445
Mt 13:30Wheat in the Barn3393191473
Mt 13:45, 46Great Bargain, A14241878397
Mt 13:51Clear Understanding, A33051912265
Mt 13:55, 56Carpenter's Son and His Relations, The33121912349
Mt 14:16One of the Master's Choice Sayings30461907313
Mt 14:17, 18Compassion for the Multitude4531862313
Mt 14:26Jesus No Phantom9571870589
Mt 14:30Peter's Shortest Prayer3186191097
Mt 14:31History of Little Faith, The18561885457
Mt 14:31Mr. Fearing Comforted2461859169
Mt 14:31Reasons for Doubting Christ29251905109
Mt 14:31Unreasonable Reasons32471911193
Mt 14:31 15:28Little Faith and Great Faith21731890613
Mt 15:13Weeding of the Garden, The4231861601
Mt 15:19Heart—a Den of Evil, The732186749
Mt 15:21-28Faith Victorious24811896421
Mt 15:23Prayer—Its Discouragements and Encouragements28411903349
Mt 15:23Saviour's Silence, The32681911445
Mt 15:24, 25How to Meet the Doctrine of Election17971884469
Mt 15:25Prayer for Everybody, A25971898553
Mt 15:26, 27; Mr 7:27, 28Little Dogs, The13091876457
Mt 15:27Children's Bread Given to Dogs7151866565
Mt 15:27Pleading, Not Contradiction2129189085
Mt 15:28Carte-Blanche244618961
Mt 15:28Perseverance of Faith, The22531892193
Mt 16:13-17Jesus Known by Personal Revelation20411888481
Mt 16:28Awful Premonition, An5941864573
Mt 17:2Christ's Transfigured Face27291901253
Mt 17:5Attention!344019151
Mt 17:5-7Voice From the Cloud and the Voice of the Beloved, The17271883349
Mt 17:8Jesus Only9241870193
Mt 17:17Hope in Hopeless Cases8211868397
Mt 17:19-21Desperate Case—How to Meet It, A549186425
Mt 17:19-21; Mr 9:28, 29Secret of Failure, The2454189697
Mt 18:12, 13One Lost Sheep20831889241
Mt 18:20Lord With Two or Three, The1761188437
Mt 19:19Love Thy Neighbour1451857301
Mt 19:30 20:16First Last, and the Last First, The22211891469
Mt 20:1, 3, 5, 6Early and Late, or Horae Gratiae6641865685
Mt 20:3, 4From Twenty-Five to Thirty-Five25171897229
Mt 20:6Good News for the Aged26021898613
Mt 20:15Divine Sovereignty771856185
Mt 20:17-19Private Thoughts and Words of Jesus, The22121891361
Mt 20:28Christ's Great Mission35321916469
Mt 20:28Particular Redemption1811858129
Mt 21:5Another Royal Procession10381872121
Mt 21:5Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem, The4051861457
Mt 21:9Blessed Christ, The34271914481
Mt 21:9Hosanna!21961891169
Mt 21:10Exciting Enquiry, An30851908145
Mt 21:10Stir, and What Came of It, A29391905277
Mt 21:10Who Is This?3394191485
Mt 21:15, 16Children and Their Hosannas, The17851884325
Mt 21:17-20Withered Fig Tree, The21071889529
Mt 21:28Work for Jesus1338187785
Mt 21:28-30Saying Versus Doing27471901469
Mt 21:28-32Sermon to Open Neglecters and Nominal Followers of Religion, A7421867169
Mt 22:2-4Parable of the Wedding Feast, The975187185
Mt 22:5Making Light of Christ981856353
Mt 22:8-10Guests for the Royal Feast33281912541
Mt 22:10Wedding was furnished with Guests, The20221888253
Mt 22:11-13What is the Wedding Garment?20241888277
Mt 22:11-14Wedding Garment, The976187197
Mt 22:30Angelic Life, The8421868649
Mt 22:42Questions of the Day and the Question of the Day1093187349
Mt 23:19Altar, The8311868517
Mt 23:37I Would; But Ye Would Not23811894469
Mt 23:37What Jesus Would Do26301899325
Mt 24:12Prophetic Warning, A33011912217
Mt 24:24Effects of Sound Doctrine3241860301
Mt 24:39Noah's Flood8231868421
Mt 25:10Entrance and Exclusion2500189725
Mt 25:21, 30; Lu 17:10Unprofitable Servants15411880325
Mt 25:22-23Two Talents, The175185881
Mt 25:31-36Reward of the Righteous, The671186637
Mt 25:32Final Separation, The12341875277
Mt 25:35 Joh 1:12New Year's Guest, The175718841
Mt 26:2After Two Days is the Passover25221897289
Mt 26:10Something Done for Jesus2126189049
Mt 26:13Woman's Memorial, A28618601
Mt 26:26Take, Eat2350189497
Mt 26:26-30 1Co 11:20-34Exposition of Mt 26:26-30 1Co 11:20-342268a1892382
Mt 26:28Blood Shed for Many, The19711887373
Mt 26:29New Wine of the Kingdom, The35261916397
Mt 26:30Memorable Hymn, The29821906169
Mt 26:36Garden of the Soul, The6931866301
Mt 26:39Christian Resignation2715190185
Mt 26:53, 54Jesus Declining the Legions19551887181
Mt 26:64Nevertheless, Hereafter13641877397
Mt 26:67 Re 20:11Awful Contrast, An24731896325
Mt 27:19Dream of Pilate's Wife, The16471882121
Mt 27:22, 23All Are Guilty34571915205
Mt 27:24, 25Pilate and Ourselves Guilty of the Saviour's Death16481882133
Mt 27:27Whole Band Against Christ, The23331893529
Mt 27:28-30Mocking the King31381909157
Mt 27:29Crown of Thorns, The11681874217
Mt 27:29Mocked of the Soldiers28241903145
Mt 27:30Gross Indignity, A34041914205
Mt 27:43Let Him Deliver Him Now20291888337
Mt 27:45Three Hours' Darkness, The18961886217
Mt 27:46Lama Sabachthani?21331890133
Mt 27:46Our Lord's Solemn Enquiry35071916169
Mt 27:46Saddest Cry from the Cross, The28031902517
Mt 27:50, 51; Heb 10:19, 20Rent Veil, The20151888169
Mt 27:50-53Three Drops of Honey from the Rock Christ20591888697
Mt 27:61Over Against the Sepulchre14041878157
Mt 28:2Stone Rolled Away, The8631869181
Mt 28:4-6For or Against?27731902157
Mt 28:6Tomb of Jesus, The181855133
Mt 28:6Visit to the Tomb, A10811872637
Mt 28:8-10Obedience Rewarded23231893409
Mt 28:9-10All Hail!26281899301
Mt 28:18Our Omnipotent Leader24651896229
Mt 28:18, 19Missionaries' Charge and Charta, The3831861281
Mt 28:18-20Power of the Risen Saviour, The12001874601

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