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Nu 4:24-26Lowly Service28291903205
Nu 4:49Numbered People, The1457187973
Nu 6:22-27Blessing of the High Priest, The21701890577
Nu 6:23-27 2Co 13:14Two Choice Benedictions33711913433
Nu 9:11, 12Feeding on a Whole Christ24071895157
Nu 10:29Generous Proposal, A916187097
Nu 10:35March, The3681861161
Nu 11:23Glorious Right Hand of the Lord, The3631861121
Nu 13:32; 14:6-7Spies, The1971858257
Nu 14:11Mistrust of God Deplored and Denounced14981879565
Nu 14:24Caleb—The Man for the Times5381863613
Nu 16:47, 48High Priest Standing Between the Dead and the Living, The3411860437
Nu 19:2, 3Red Heifer, The5271863481
Nu 21:1-6Two Wilderness Incidents32141910433
Nu 21:4-9First Setting Up of the Brazen Serpent, The17221883289
Nu 21:8Man's Ruin and God's Remedy2851859481
Nu 21:9Lifting Up the Brazen Serpent15001879589
Nu 21:16-18Song at the Well-head, A7761867577
Nu 23:10The End of the Righteous Desired7461867217
Nu 23:21Best War-Cry, The17091883133
Nu 24:17Star Out of Jacob, The3343191397
Nu 26:63-65Census of Israel, The21981891193
Nu 27:5Women's Rights—A Parable31411909193
Nu 32:23Great Sin of Doing Nothing, The19161886457
Nu 35:11Sinner's Refuge, The26211899217

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