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A Marvellous Ministry

C. H. Spurgeon

(A trade paperback edition of this work may be ordered from Pilgrim Publications, publishers of original C. H. Spurgeon works.)


A FEW words will be sufficient to introduce this little book. It was felt that an event so unprecedented as the consecutive weekly issue of one man's sermons for half-a-century, and the fact that enough manuscripts remain to continue the publication for some years, should, in the jubilee year of publication, find some suitable method of celebration. The whole story of THE METROPOLITAN TABERNACLE PULPIT is so remarkable that its history is well worth telling in a fuller form than it has ever been told before, and in sending forth this Volume it may be mentioned that probably about no other man's sermons, save Spurgeon's, would it be possible to write a whole book with any likelihood of its being read.

Forest Gate, Essex
June, 1905

A Literary Marvel


  1. Preface
  2. The Genesis of the Idea
  3. The Launching of the Weekly Sermons
  4. Early Instances of Blessing
  5. Remarkable Growth
  6. The Complete History of a Sermon
  7. Memorable Incidents and Letters
  8. Some Notable Sermons
  9. Further Instances of Blessing
  10. Since C. H. Spurgeon's Death
  11. "Dinna Forget Spurgeon"
  12. "Supposing Him To Be the Gardener"
  13. Facsimile Notes
  14. "The Whole Machinery Of Salvation"

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