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Commenting and CommentariesCharles Spurgeon
by Charles H. Spurgeon
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The e-text for this catalogue is taken from the Ages Spurgeon Collection on CD-ROM. The text was scanned from the original Passmore & Alabaster work and published on the Ages CD-ROM without corrections. Although many of the scanning errors have been corrected for edition, the text has not yet been carefully proofread and formatted. More corrections will be made as time permits. Meanwhile, we believe most users will find this material quite useful despite the minor flaws.

From Spurgeon's preface: "The reader will please observe that the books most heartily recommended are printed in the largest type with the remarks in italics. Good, but more ordinary, works are in medium type, and the least desirable are in the smallest letter. Thus we hope the eye will be caught at once by volumes best worthy of attention."

Catalogue of Commentaries & Expositions


[Seaton, Wagner, and other writers whom we have placed under Exodus are equally upon Numbers, and should be referred to.]

  1. ATTERSOLL (WILLIAM). A Commentarie upon Numbers. Folio. fond., 1618. 10/-to 14/-A stupendous work, well fitted to make a headstone for the author's grave. It is so huge that it might have been the work of a lifetime, and yet the same writer has also given us Philemon. Think of 1271 folio pages on Numbers!
  2. BLUNT (HENRY, M.A.) Numbers and Deuteronomy. [Vol. 3 of Pentateuch.] 12mo., 6/-fond., Hatchards. 1843. S. I/6 Intended for families, but not without value to the preacher.
  3. BUSH (GEORGE). Notes on Numbers. Thick small 8vo. New York, 1858. 4/-Although Bush is indebted to many authors, he is by no means a mere collector; his remarks repay you afar consultation, and we hope that in this case they are his own.
  4. CUMMING (JOHN, D.D.) Readings on Numbers. 8vo. fond., J. F. Shaw. 1855. S. 1/9. Good, as usual.
  5. M[ACKINTOSH] (C. H.) Notes on Numbers. By C. H. M. fond., G. Morrish. 1862. 2/-Like the other notes of C. H. M., they need filtering. Good as they are, their Darbyism gives them an unpleasant and unhealthy savor.


    [As so few expositions have been written upon Deuteronomy alone, the reader will do well to use the Commentaries upon the Pentateuch and the whole Old Testament.]

  6. CALVIN (JOHN). Sermons upon Deuteronomie. Translated out of French by A. Golding. Folio. 1583. 15/-This is not the same as that which is contained in the "Calvin Translation Society's Commentaries." Everything that Calvin wrote by way of exposition is priceless; even those who differ from him in theology admit this.
  7. CUMMING (JOHN, D.D.) Readings in Deuteronomy. Sin. 8vo. Lond., J. F. Shaw. 1856. S. 2/3. Pretty, popular, profitable.

  8. BLACKWOOD (STEVENSON A.) Heavenly Places. Addresses. Sm. cr. 8vo. 2/-and 2/6. load., Nisbet & Co. 1873. Mr. Blackwood has illustrated passages from the first five chapters only. He has a beautifully quiet way of saying very sweet things. This little book will be useful if it shows the young preacher how to expound Scripture with unction and power.
  9. BUSH (GEORGE). Notes. Sin. 8vo. New York. 1852. 3/-Bush is a careful illustrator of the Word, and apt at giving the practical lesson. His works are well compiled.
  10. CALVIN (JOHN). Commentarie upon Joshue. Translated by W. F. 4to. Lond., 1578. 9/-We have said enough upon Calvin in general. His expositions are more equal in excellence than those of other men; other men rise and fall, but he is almost uniformly good.
  11. CHRIST IN THE PROPHETS.—Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings. [Anon.] Foolscap 8vo. 3/6. Lond., Masters. 1873. See Christ in the Law, No. 80. Needs well sifting. There is much rubbish.
  12. CUMMING (JOHN, D.D.) Readings on Joshua and Judges. Sm. 8vo. Lond., J. F. Shaw. 1857. 2/-Dr. Cumming keeps up to his average of value.
  13. GROSER (W. H.) Joshua and his Successors: an Introduction to Joshua, Judges, Ruth, and Samuel I., with Notes. Parts I. and II 8vo. 2/-each. Lond., S.S. Union. 1874. A very useful condensed book for teachers.
  14. KEIL (KARL FRIEDRICH, D.D., Ph.D.) Joshua, Judges, and Ruth. 1 vol. 8vo. 10/6. Edinb., T. & T. Clark. 1865. S. 5/-"Let our biblical students not only master the facts and logic, but catch the spirit of these commentaries, and we can have no fear for the issue of that conflict with Rationalism and Popery united, by which Protestantism in this country seems to be threatened."—Wesleyan Methodist Magazine.
  15. KELLY (WILLIAM). Lectures Introductory to the Study of the earlier Historical Books [Joshua to II Samuel]. 8vo. 3/6. Lond., Broom. 1874. After the manner of Plymouth commenting in general; quite sufficiently taken up with spiritualizing and nice points: but yet, read with half a ton of salt, a book likely to arouse thought, and suggest topics.
  16. LANGE'S COMMENTARY.—Joshua (by F. R. Fay); Judges, Ruth (by P. Cassel, D.D.) Edited by Dr. Schaff. One vol. Imp. 8co. 21/-Edinb., T. & T. Clark. 1872. This is a standard work. No minister's library is furnished 'without the whole set. Joshua however is inferior to Judges.
  17. MARCHANT (F. G.) Commentary on Joshua. [Part III. of Preacher's Commentary. I/.] Lond., Dickinson. 1875. While writing this we have only one number before us, but it promises well, and we feel sure its quality will be sustained, for we know the author's industrious habits.
  18. THE GOSPEL IN THE BOOK OF JOSHUA. [Anon.] Cr. 8co. I/6. Lond., Partridge & Co. 1867. Pious remarks, such as anyone would make.
  19. SEATON (W.) The Church in Canaan; or, heirs in possession receiving the promises. Vol. I. 12mo. Lond., 1823. 2/-A sequel to No. 188.
  20. SMITH (THORNLEY). The History of Joshua, viewed in connection with the Topography of Canaan, and the Customs of the Times in which he lived. Cr. 8co. 4/6. Edinb., W. Oliphant & Co. 1870. Although not a commentary, it will answer the same purpose; for almost every event is fully illustrated.,4 capital work.


    [See also under Joshua.]

  21. BUSH (GEORGE). Notes on Judges. Sm. 8co. New York, 1852. S. 3/6. Like other works of this author—of considerable value.
  22. DODS (MArcus, M.A., D.D.) Israel's Iron Age: Sketches from the Period of the Judges. Crown 8co. 5/' Lond., Hodder & Stoughton. 1874. Dr. Doris considers that to find in Samson and other judges types of our Lord Jesus is mere fancy, and he interprets upon "a rational principle" which renders his book dry and unspiritual; at the same time his sketches are not without value.
  23. HENGSTENBERG (E. W.) Time of the Judges. (See No. 86.)
  24. KITTO (JOHN, D.D.) "The Judges," in Daily Bible Illustrations. (See No. 41.) Exceedingly meritorious. Refer to it frequently.
  25. MARTYR (PETER 1500—1562). Most Fruitful and Learned Commentarie upon the Book of Judges. Black Letter. Folio. 1560. Rare. IS/-This would seem to be a profound work. Rogers says of-Peter Martyr:—" Few private men can understand his works, and few ministers who understand them can obtain them; nor if they can will they find in them much that will benefit their simple hearers." This has not been our experience with.Peter Marty?$ works; on the contrary, we have read them with interest.
  26. NOBLE (SAMUEL). Sermons on the singular histories recorded in the first eleven chapters. 8vo. 3/6. Lond., J. S. Hodson. 1856. S. 1/6. Swedenborgian mysticism. Exposition in a trance.
  27. ROGERS (RICHARD. Puritan.) The whole Book of Judges. [103 Sermons.] Folio. Lond., 1615. 12/-to 15/-This for the Puritan period is THE work upon Judges. It is thoroughly plain and eminently practical.
  28. WISEMAN (LUKE H., M.A. Died 1875). 'Men of Faith; or, Sketches from the Book of Judges., Cr. 8vo. 3/6. Lond., Hodder & Stoughton. 1874. Mr. Wiseman in this work tells "of Gideon and Barak, of Samson and of Jephthah ", and he does it in a powerful style. He was one of the best preachers in the Wesleyan body.,4 man of fullness, and judiciousness; in fact, a wise man.

  29. BRUCE (John, D.D.) The Life of Gideon. Fcap. 8vo. 5/' Edinb., Edmonston & Douglas. 1870. The author deserves attention, both for matter and style. Note Hugh Miller's high opinion of his "Biography of Samson:" (No. 259). Gideon is a better work, but both are over-estimated.
  30. ELWIN (FOUNTAIN). Sermons on the character of Gideon. 12mo. Lond., Hatchards. 1844. S. e/-Seven sermons, containing nothing remarkable.
  31. HOWARD (LADY). Gideon the Mighty Man of Valour. [Anon]. /-,and., Hatchards. 1841. S. 1/6. Of small use to the preacher.
  32. ROGERS (GEORGE ALBERT, M.A.) The Valour of Faith; or, the Gospel in the Life of Gideon. 12mo. 2/6. Lond., Wertheim, Macintosh & Hunt. 1859. A thoroughly lively little book. Each of the eight chapters is full of thought.
  33. BRUCE (JOHN, D.D.) The Biography of Samson. 18mo. 2/-Edinb., Edmonston & Douglas. 1870. Hugh Miller said: "There is a poetic richness in the style, which at one time reminds us of Chalmers, and at another of Jeremy Taylor, but which in reality is Dr. Bruce's own, that does not seem poor or bald beside even the blank verse of the great master of English song." We think this eulogy is greatly overdone.
  34. QUARLES (FRANCIS 1592—1644). The Historie of Samson. 4to. Lond., 1631. 5/-This queer, quaint, odd volume of rhymes is far from despicable. Kitto. frequently quotes Quarles upon Samson, and says of him that he was a poet of no mean order. We are glad to have his testimony to confirm our own opinion. Rennea tastes will be offended, but those who wish for quaint thought will be gratified. The book is very rare.


    [See also under Joshua.]

  35. BERNARD (RICHARD. Puritan. Died 1641). Ruth's Recompense. 4to. 1628. 3/6. Mr. Grosart is enthusiastic in his praise of this work, and says "that it abounds with apophthegms and compressed thoughts." We defer to so high an authority, but we are not much fascinated by the book.
  36. FULLER (THOMAS, D.D. 1608—1661). A Comment on Ruth, with two Sermons. 8vo. 1650. Not one of Fuller's best; but still quaint and pithy, and lit up with flashes of his irrepressible wit. The above works of Bernard and Fuller have been reprinted in Nichol's Series of Commentaries, in one volume. Cr. 4to. 7/6. Lond., Nisbet & Co. 1865. Mr. Tegg, Pancras Lane, London, has also published a reprint of Fuller's Comment on Ruth, and Notes upon Jonah. Cr. 8vo. 4/6.
  37. BRADEN (WILLIAM). The Beautiful Gleaner. Cr. 8vo. 2/6. Lond., James Clark & Co. 1874. Mr. Braden is an able preacher. His sermons upon Ruth are popular and practical, though not very remarkable.
  38. LAVATER (LEWIS. A Swiss Protestant Divine. 1527—1586.) Ruth ex-pounded, in 28 Sermons. Translated from the Latin by E. Pagett. 8vo. Lond., 1586. Lavater was a Reformer of high repute, son-in-law of Bullinger. He wrote a curious work on spectres, and made a catalogue of comets, thus shewing himself to be both philosopher and divine. His book is seldom met with.
  39. LAWSON (GEORGE, D.D.) Lectures on the Book of Ruth. 12mo. Edinb., 1805. 3/-By a man of great genius. Simple, fresh, and gracious. Nothing critical or profound may be looked far, but wise and sound teaching may be gleaned in these pages.'
  40. MACARTNEY (H. B.) Observations on Ruth. 12mo. Lond., 1845. 9d. A nice little book, little in all ways.
  41. MACGOWAN (JOHN. 1726—1780.) Discourses on Ruth, and other important subjects. 8vo. Lond., 1781. 2/6. Macgowan, the author of the Dialogue of Devils, is well known for originality and force. In this case his sermons are full of Gospel truth, but the texts are too much accommodated and spiritualized. The discourses are good reading.
  42. OXENDEN (A. Bp. of Montreal). Story of Ruth. 18mo. I/-Hatchards. A very tiny affair, of no great moment to the expositor.
  43. PHILPOT (B., A.M.) Six Lectures. Square Fcap. 2/6. Lond., Nisbet & Co. A very small book, containing good, simple lectures—not an exposition.
  44. PRICE (AUBREY C., B.A.) Six Lectures on the Book of Ruth. 12mo. 2/6. Lond., Hatchards. 1869. Sermons of remarkable power, both of doctrine and diction. Not so expository as practical. Mr. Price is an earnest and large-hearted clergyman of the thoroughly evangelical school.
  45. TOPSELL (EDWARD). The Reward of Religion. Lectures upon Ruth. 8vo. Lond., 1613. 7/6 to 10/-. 4 very choice old work. Attersol in his rhyming preface says of it— "Go little Booke, display thy golden title, (And yet not little though thou little bee); Little for price and yet in price not little, Thine was the Paine, the gaine is ours I see: (Although our gaine thou deem'st no paine to thee). If then, O reader, little paine thou take, Thou greatest gaine with smallest paine shall make."
  46. TYNG (STEPHEN, D.D., of New York). The Rich Kinsman; or, the History of Ruth. Small 8vo. Lond., 1856. S. I/6. Written for young people, and suitable for their reading, though none too lively.
  47. WRIGHT (C. H. H., M.A.) Ruth, in Hebrew; with gramma-tical and critical Commentary. 8vo. 7/6. Lond., Williams & Norgate. x 864. For Hebraists only. The author has selected the book of Ruth as a study for beginners in the Hebrew tongue, because of the simplicity of the language.

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