2004 log
Log of 2004 updates at Phil Johnson's Web site.


FOR THE WEEKS ENDING 20 November 2004:

Added sermons to :

  1. Abijah, or Some Good Thing Towards the Lord
  2. Comfort for the Tempted
  3. Comfort for Tried Believers
  4. David's First Victory
  5. Death and Its Sentence Abolished
  6. The Devil's Last Throw
  7. Open Praise and Public Confession
  8. Where the "If" Lies

Also added an article to my collection of essays:

Christianity Astray: Is "New Evangelicalism" Really Pseudo-Evangelicalism?



Posted 26 October 2004: Phil wants you to know he has not abandoned the Web site. 2004 has been so busy that he has had little time for regular updates. He hopes to make up for it by adding several sermons to before the end of the year. He has been doing minor maintenance and some updating of links all year, but he has not had time to add as much new material as he would like. He has, however, quietly added the following sermons:

  1. Anxiety, Ambition, Indecision
  2. Blessed in Him
  3. Carte-Blanche
  4. The Cure for a Weak Heart
  5. Deliverance From the Pit
  6. Folly of Unbelief
  7. "God, and Not Man"—What Does it Mean?
  8. God the Wonder-Worker
  9. God's Law in Man's Heart
  10. God's Longsuffering: An Appeal to the Conscience
  11. God's Pupil, God's Preacher: An Autobiography
  12. A Hard Case
  13. He Ran, and He Ran
  14. "Herein is Love"
  15. Hope for the Worst Backsliders
  16. "Jesus Our Lord"
  17. Job's Resignation
  18. Jonah's Object-Lessons
  19. The Joy of Redemption
  20. The Lamb Our Leader
  21. "Life for a Look"
  22. The Life-Look
  23. Love at its Utmost
  24. Motives for Steadfastness
  25. Obeying Christ's Orders
  26. Paul's Persuasion
  27. Prayer Found in the Heart
  28. "Ready, Ay, Ready!"
  29. Revelation and Conversion
  30. The Rule and Reward of Serving Christ
  31. The Secret of Failure
  32. Three Sights Worth Seeing
  33. Spared!

...and some articles from :

  1. On Bazaars
    "The first tabernacle . . . with all its furniture, was erected from the produce of a bazaar."—by G. Rogers.
  2. Churchianity versus Christianity
    "May Christianity rule and Churchianity be cast to the moles and to the bats."
  3. The Inquisition
    "All churches, when they lose the spirit of Christ, are very prone to persecute; but a horrible pre-eminence must be awarded to the scarlet harlot of the seven hills, for no church on earth except that of Rome has had a separate institution for hunting out and destroying heretics."
  4. "Scala Santa"
    "To stand there and see those detestable priests looking on with an ill-concealed contempt for the crawling crowd of deluded men and women, looking, as Luther would say, 'as if the poor laity stank in their sacred noses,' made our blood boil, and gave our language a flavor akin to David's fiercer psalms."
  5. Tract 30—Three Clergymen of the Church of England
    "In truth, this fooling about Protestantism is too transparent to deceive any but the most idiotic. The church of England has done and is doing very much to lead back this nation to that reverence of priests and sacraments from which our martyred forefathers delivered us."
  6. Tract 31—The Church of England the Bulwark of Our Liberties (?)
    "It is an idle tale that the Episcopal sect guards our liberties as a body."
More to come very soon, Lord willing.


Note: A record of last year's updates is available.

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