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FOR THE ERA ENDING 24 September 2005:

Added an article from :

  1. Advanced Thinkers
    "This is most illiberal talk in the judgment of our liberal friends, and they will rail at it in their usual liberal manner."



Added some articles from :

  1. A Bit for the Boys
    "If boys read The Sword and the Trowel it cannot be said to shoot over people's heads, nor can it be said to be very dull and dreary."
  2. A Double Knock at the Door of the Young
    "Young man, young woman, 'I have a message from God unto thee!'"
  3. Ear-Muffs
    "We observe an advertisement of Ear-muffs, which are recommended to all who would not have their ears frostbitten. What sort of things these must be we have tried to imagine, but have so badly succeeded that we half hope some generous Canadian reader will make us a present of a pair, that we may no longer puzzle our brains about them."
  4. London: A Plea
    "We cut out from an American paper the other day a short article. . ."
  5. Ministers Sailing under False Colours
    "There is no necessary connection between the two facts of growth in tolerance and decline in sincerity, but we are suspicious that they have occurred and are occurring at the same moment."
  6. Nuts to Crack
    A short list of paradoxes.
More to come very soon, Lord willing.


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