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"And the things that thou hast
heard of me among many witnesses,
the same commit thou
to faithful men, who shall be able
to teach others also" (2 Timothy 2:2).

rom the end of the Puritan era until today, there has been a steady succession of faithful voices proclaiming the truth of Scripture and calling the Church back to the faith of our fathers. These are a few of my favorites.

Gilbert West, Esq. (1703-1756)

More Edwards Writings

Sermons of the Reverend George Whitefield

Whitefield to Wesley: No, dear Sir, you mistake.

The Thomas Boston Home Page

Augustus Montague Toplady

Best known as the author of "Rock of Ages," Toplady was a gifted theologian and one of the most ardent high Calvinists the Church of England ever produced. John Wesley was his contemporary and his theological nemesis. Some of the polemic they published against one another is as lively and caustic as anything you'll find in any Internet theology forum.

Augustus Toplady

John Gill's Archive

Asahel Nettleton

Robert Smith Candlish

Edward Payson

Thomas Guthrie

Robert Murray M'Cheyne

The Spurgeon Archive

An R. L. Dabney Anthology

The Evangelical Bishop: The J. C. Ryle Book Shelf

The Alexander Whyte Homepage

Andrew A. Bonar

Scottish Preachers Hall of Fame

Andrew Thomson—Edinburgh (1779-1831)

Andrew Gray (Perth)

Thomas Chalmers

Geerhardus Vos

Free Church of Scotland

Here you'll find material on Scottish church history, historical theology, and biographical material on Scottish Free Church standouts such as Thomas Chalmers and Alexander Duff. Be sure to note John MacLeod's lectures on Scottish Theology—a superb resource.

The Fundamentals

Pink's Archive

Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The Loraine Boettner Anthology

The Shelter: Francis Schaeffer Works

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